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Special Guest to
the “Rolling Stones”
Voodoo Lounge Tour
August 1995

In the biggest car park that Volkswagen could muster, filmed on the grandest stage set???????.. ever, this is rock n roll. Opening for the Rolling Stones is a dream to anybody who straps on a guitar. To play in front of 110,000+ people, under a mungus fire breathing snake, in deepest Germany, is totally cool.

I'd like to think that the people who were there at the back would really enjoy this vid because the band were brill, but unfortunately, not shown on the big screen. There is no way they could have seen us.

Wearing blasphemous anti French President anti Nuke T shirts (he did as well didn't he) in the Voodoo Lounge (much respect Joe), and being wined and dined by those lovely people at VW I’m still waiting for my free RS mod Beetle Mr President), we had a ball.

Sound quality courtesy of the live feed from the FOH desk.

Aah memories!