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Casbah Club

The Who
Convention 2006
Saturday 1st Aoril
The Bush Hall



01 Introduction
02 Different Light
03 20 TO 11
04 When She Sleeps
05 Man In Me
06 Vibrate
07 The Way It Is
08 Comeback
09 Anyway She Moves
10 Raised
11 Save Me From Me
12 Sex Change

{PAL VERSION}Video: PAL 720x576 25fps 8000kbps VBR
{NTSC VERSION} Video: NTSC 720x480 29.97fps 8000kbps VBR
Audio: Dolby Digital AC3 48khz 384kbps Stereo
A Gold Hawk DVD Production (GH_DVD WC06_D2]
Transfer, Editing and Authoring by hntgzr
Front Cover Art by Thea Bodourian

Profits from the sales of The Who Convention 2006 Commemorative DVD set will go to the Teenage Cancer Trust -
Please visit for more information.

The Who Convention 2006 Commemorative DVD Set - Casbah Club