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6th March 2009 was our first professional gig billed as ‘Bruce and Jamie Watson’. We had previously played together but only at friend’s parties and a local charity event for someone’s liver. Actually we played at the opening of Kenny’s Music Emporium in Dunfermline but I don’t think ASDA will be phoning us just yet.

The Inn at Lathones is Dave Mundell’s new venue and I had no hesitation about playing as part of his Fifestock Festival. Dave is well known in the business for his legendary shows at the Bein Inn.

Both Jamie and I were in the middle of recording new songs for an album so we didn’t have enough material for the customary two sets. Lee Paterson offered his services for the first set and that was enough to satisfy Dave that we had a show. In typical Dave fashion, the gig only holds 50 people max and that’s the way I like it Ahuh! Ahuh! Nice and compact with great acoustics, a bar running all the way up the side and an open door for all you puffers out there. No need to leave the room, except for toilet duties.

I was amazed at how cosmopolitan the clientele were. Out of the 40 people who attended there were people from Chicago, New Jersey, Wisconsin and Blairgowrie. At this point I got so nervous that I discovered that the colour of adrenaline was brown. This was our first paying gig and there were people from half way round the world who flew in (by aeroplane I must add) just to see a couple of boys from Dunfermline making noises at them. Jamie wasn’t bothered in the slightest. (He had been paid upfront) Not only was I bricking it about performing, it was also being recorded as well, and that’s two bricks for the price of one.

Over the years I have received presents from many of my adoring fans but the strangest was presented to me tonight by John from New Jersey. He knew I liked to dabble in a bit of skiffle and gave me a washboard. This was no ordinary washboard; this was a magic travelling washboard. The legend on the board says:


Well thanks, John. Apart from the fact I don’t carry a bucket or pail with me on tour there is no way I am gonna wash my used hankies or yesterdays lingerie in a lavatory. Maybe that’s what you guys do in New Jersey but across the pond here in Scotland we have things called White Goods, big square things that reside in kitchens and utility rooms up and down the country. They are called washing machines and are produced by huge European companies with names like Hotpoint, Creda and Phillips, not the fucking ‘Washboard Company Of Columbus’.

Anyway Guys and Gals, here is the recording from that pleasant evening way back in March. It’s rough, it’s ready and in places it’s ridiculous but Hey! What are you doing in my living room?

Bruce Watson
July 09

PS, to the blokes from Blairgowrie.
You are the reason I cannot eat Raspberry Jam.

I’m sitting here, trying to tame the swarm of memories about Bruce and Jamie Watson’s performance at The Inn at Lathones, and the phrase that keeps coming to mind is “River of Hope.” No, they didn’t perform that song, but that’s really what their concert was for me. So much of the news related to Big Country in the 18 months prior was not very encouraging, but every so often, Bruce and Jamie would drop these gems to us online. To see all that music come together in one powerful and talented performance (not to mention the energy of the packed crowd) was like standing where tributaries come in near the head of a river, seeing with my own eyes and hearing with my own ears both the artistry of what was present there and what raging musical possibilities lay ahead. Bruce’s amazing lyrics, his strong voice, Jamie’s haunting harmonies, and the long tradition of Watson guitar brilliance and humorous commentary made for a superb evening and left me and many others thirsting for more.
--Lisa G. (Illinois, USA)



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©2009 Bruce Watson. Ⓟ2009 Bruce Watson. All rights reserved. Unauthorised copying, reproduction, hiring, renting, lending, public performance and/or broadcasting of this recording in whatever manner is strictly prohibited. Recorded live at The Inn at Lathones in St. Andrews, Scotland (except for menu track). Live sound mixed by John Ramsay. Recorded by Felix Klostermann. Mixed by Bruce Watson and Felix Klostermann. Mastered by Michael Houston and Martin Coutts. Thanks to Billy Kinnear at James Watt University. Tracks 1, 2, 10 & 11 written by Stuart Adamson and Bruce Watson. Tracks 3, 5, 6 & 8 written by Bruce Watson and Jamie Watson. Track 4 written by Richard Jobson and Stuart Adamson. Track 7 written by Eric Goulden. Track 9 written by Alex Harvey. Track 12 written by Adamson/Brzezicki/Butler/Watson. Menu track written by Bruce Watson and Jamie Watson, remixed by Junior Otamon, mastered by Andy Jackson and produced by Bruce Watson and Magnus Collie. Layout by John Gouveia. Insert photographs by Gordon Smith.

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©2009 Bruce Watson
2009 Bruce Watson
All rights reserved
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