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I would like to thank all of the handsome people who pledged for their names to be included on this CD:
Liam Doyle : Helen Ferguson : David Kerr : Patti Bender
Ian Twyford : Gordon Skinner : Josh Perry : Mattias Engvall
Jason de Pass : Ray Barker : Wendy Felce : Mandy Holmes
Steven Pomfret : Alan Anbari : Johnny McKinstry: Doug Kerr
Brian O'Reilly : Thomas Baeck : Craig Gonzales : Michael S Wallack

Alex O'Boyle : Gavin Boyle : Christian Schaack: Anthony George Wilson Steve White : Michael Jones : Liam O'Duill : Sandra Middleton Paul C DiPema : Dirk Straube : Paul Timson : Stuart Arnott : lain Gray Antony Greatbanks : Paul Madden : Arlin E Bartels : Jaimin Weets Philip Bendall : Jonas Danbrink : John Gordon : Seth A Bruce : David Pinder

Mazz and Graham Nicholas : Kenny Hamilton : Art Love : Rob Yoegel Mark Hexspoor : Gary Barrett : Jason Frankland : Brenton Boswell Rhonda and Dave Vilamoura : Steve Coulter : Oliver Hunter
Beverley Lincoln : John Lewis ; Stephen Ashe : Steve Bomar : Gary Foster Steve Richardson : Mark Grifin : Neil "Swanny" Swanson : Peter Lange : Kaare J Crowley : Svein B Hjorthaug : Peter Kammer : Derek Phillips : John R Gouveia : Niall Featherstone


This album was written during a particularly reflective time of my life. I had quit the band that meant so much me in 2012. Got divorced 3 years previously to that. Spent a number of very enjoyable years as a music lecturer and head of music at a college in Devon. Watched 2 of my children get married and present me with grandchildren, who I adore and cherish. Watched my youngest son develop as a musician and songwriter, Found happiness with my new partner Clare. It was not possible to put all these reflections into this collection of songs so I will be publishing a book (title "Then Came The Great Divide") that looks at the time of heartache, confusion, loss and renewal (cheery eh?).

These songs are personal, but I hope you, the listener, fords the emotions related to here, are not to dissimilar to yours, and there is nothing to be ashamed of; its called life.

A Lovely Day is a bonus track that I demoed around 1998, but I could not find the original recording stems or had time to re-record it, but this demo captures a special moment that I was happy to share with you.



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Tony Butler - Vocals, Backing Vocals, Bass Guitar, Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Keyboards and Tambourine.
Drums :
Mark Brzezicki (who else?) - (Tracks: 4, 7, 8, 9) (Mark appears courtesy of Big Country). Colin Wright - (Tracks: 1, 5, 6, 10, 11) (Colin appears courtesy of Dogs Or Gods). Introducing Rich Walker - (Tracks 2 and 3) (Rich appears courtesy of The Fallen State). All drums recorded at The Factory Studio Devon (Big thanks to Clare Chapple).
Josh Phillips — Hammond Organ (Track 9) (Josh appears courtesy of Procal Hamm). Tom Nordon - Assistant vocal producer and additional lead guitar on Track 11 (Tom appears courtesy of Dogs Or Gods).
Additional recording at Wobbly Studio Launceston.
Additional Vocals recorded at The Thrutch Hutch Devon.
My deepest thanks and inspiration for the personal nature of this record to:
Clare Dawe (for putting up with my nonsense and being there for me).
Joella, Rob and Margo and Effie Edwards
Jake Butler and Rose Stainthorpe.
June and Cecil Butler - my long since departed parents.
Lenox Butler my dear brother.
Jackie Butler,'- the wonderful mother of my beautiful children.
Ian Grant (Manager) for many things but most importantly, for being my friend.
Stuart Ongley - my publisher.
David Gentle and Lester Dales for the their loyalty and patience over the years.
John Giddings - for his loyalty and dedication to Big Country.
Hannah (for lending me her Ukelele) and Kirra Dawe for letting me into their lives.
And for making my life bearable and seeing me through shit times, my deepest thanks too:
Lee and Becky Thommen, John Bangham, Billy Bailey,Deon Beauchamp, Clare Chapple,
Martin Preston, Andy Fox (Opus Audio), Tom Nordon, Emma Nordon, Cathy Richards,
Colin Wright and Helena Goddard.

Leishia and Ian Hines for their friendship and for introducing me to Cyprus, a place where I was
inspired to write some of these lyrics.

The good people of Launceston (and all the pubs that have seen profits slump since I stopped
drinking) including Rob Strike and Al Stephens.

Thank God for:
ProTools 12, Steven Slate Digital (life saver bundle), Logic Audio, Waves and my Apple Mac (swoon). John Hornby Skewes (for the Tony Butler Vintage V4 signature series Bass) and Ashdown Engineering, the best bass gear.

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1. Heaven Saved a Place for You
2. Boy From The Bush
3. Strange Old Town
4. She's Coming Home
5. Save My Dignity
6. Long Shadows
7. Scared To The Bone
8. My Big Ferrari Heart
9. I'm Getting Old
11. Here Comes the First One

All Songs Written By Tong Butler Copyright SGO Publishing © 2016
Phoenix Rising Records Ⓟ 2018
Photographs by Ollie Prowse
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@ tonybutlertb60

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