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All the musicians for their enthusiasm and jokes
Soundscape and Protools (mac) for their advice and generosity.
My colleagues in 'BIG COUNTRY' for their encouragement in developing my song writing and for what sets the band apart from the rest.
PG Tips 'Pyramid' tea bags for that noticeable extra flavour.
The Wharncliff Arms Hotel, Tintagel
Ian Grant for being my manager a»d friend.
Ken Williams, my music teacher and friend.
Lynda Fletcher for being a brilliant person.
Fluff - his memory lives on.
Jackie Cooksey for putting up with me.
All of my family to whom I have been a real pain,
All of those I know I should mention but I've run out of roo

I've had the pleasure of working for and with some of the finest musicians and songwriters this country has ever produced. Therefore, it has always been my ambition to invite those artistes, if available, to take part in one of my projects. Unfortunately the circumstances in which I found myself recording this album did not make this possible. As much as I would have enjoyed their contributions, I found myself in a position to express myself fully. So, as an acknowledgement of their influence, I took the liberty of incorporating some of their musical and lyrical trademarks in this work. "Nuff respec". This is not really a solo album - it's me being every band I've ever been into, all rolled into one CD. It's only rock'n toll and I love it, even at 40! 
"have you ever been experienced? I have" - Jimi Hendrix




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Written and produced by Tony Butler
Engineered by Steve Cooksey
Recorded at Bolesbridge Soundhouse, Cornwall
Recorded on Soundscape Digital Hark Disk Technology
All songs published by Bug Music,

vocals and backing Vocals, bass, lead, rhythm, and acoustic guitars, and programming - Tony Butler

Tom Jamieson - tracks 1,2,3,4,5,6,8,10,11,12,14
Mark Brzezicki - tracks 7,9

Dennis Danzelman - tracks 3,6,8,9,11,14
Andy Provis - tracks 1,5,12

Stuart Derrick - tracks 1,5,12,14

Dennis Danzelman - tracks 3,10,13
Steve Cooksey - track 6

Josh Philips - tracks 1,7

Steve Cooksey track 4,$,9,10

Steve Cooksey - tracks 12,14

Bob Tinker and Eddie Gasser - track 9

Steve Cooksey (politician) and Trish Delish (PA announcer) - track 7
Caroline Berry (voice of conscience) - track 10
Jackie, Joey, Alex and Jake Butler (poor family) - track 14

Mark Brzezicki appears courtesy of 'BIG COUNTRY'
Mastering: Keith Gould at KG Digital Mastering

Photography: Savage
Sleeve Design: Jackie Butler/Savage
Ear sculpture: Ray Bowler

© 1997 GWR
Ⓟ 1997 GWR

1. The Great Unknown 2. Living side by side
3. I believe in angels 4. When the trees come down
5. Mist in your moonlight 6. The May Queen leads her parade
7. Pleasuretime 8. Old Money 9. Can you see heaven
10. Oblivion Road 11. How many times
12 The Man with the hooded face 13. But I still want you
14. Everyday. (All songs written by Tony Butler)