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“Before you read this, listen to Steeltown.

I have just been reminded what a fantastic album this is. It must have been at least 20 years since I have listened to it as a whole. It amazing. I can't get over the sheer power of this album. All the songs are mint. Steve Lilywhite, a genius.

Flame Of The West - this track so rocks man. That's what you call a bass line and bass sound. Great song, great lyric and brilliantly sung. Drums and guitars weave around each other exquisitely. I've never heard anything like this ever. Great opener.

East Of Eden - The opening strains still send a shiver down my spine just as it did originally. This is a fantastic song that has a harsh reality about it, its almost frightening. Its a big dark tune that pulled me in so completely that when it finished I forgot where I was. The drums illustrate the words pounding completely here. Fab.

Steeltown - Bruce has single handedly made his guitar sound like a steel works here. This sounds so like the subject matter, it brilliant. Stuarts sings the chorus with such ferocity you almost feel the heat of a furnace. Magic. What a sound.

Where The Rose Is Sown - Classic, absolute classic. This song along should win awards. I'm gonna play this song to my students on how to write the most perfect and meaningful song that effect our everyday lives that most people choose to ignore. Amazing, amazing, amazing.

Come Back To Me - I have a tear in my eye now. Don't know what to say apart from it will be difficult to listen to it again. I know how good we were now.

Tall Ships Go - right, composed now. What an original piece of music. I completely forgot about this track. Great lyrical imagery. I know what this song is about but it is not my place to tell. Great drumming.

Girl With Grey Eyes - This is a beautiful song, the music is lush (i wrote it thats why) and the lyrics were sung like a person truly in love. Again, how original. Great track.

Rain Dance - What a track, brilliant, that guitar line after the chorus must be one of my all time favourite guitar licks. How uplifting is this track. brilliant.

The Great Divide - I remember thinking when we recorded this song (at RAK Studios) that I was always gonna love this song cos it rocked. Well lo and behold, I still do. It rocks man. The guitar break in the middle is awesome.

Just A Shadow - This is just classic BC at its most theatrical. This track sounds fantastic. Its a great song and Stuarts' vocals are awesome.

This album sounds like a band that has really unified and bonded and each of us shine but the songs sound like we were working as one. I am awestruck by the sound of my bass on this album and I have nothing but admiration for Steve Lilywhite for his contribution to this album. I am emotionally drained now, I think I need to have a glass of red to steady myself. Next, The Crossing. Cheers, TB” (26 November 2006 BC Forum)


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Stuart Adamson • Vocals, Guitar & E-bow
Mark Brzezicki • Drums & Percussion
Tony Butler • Vocals & Bass
Bruce Watson • Guitar, E-bow & Mandolin
Producer • Steve Lillywhite
Engineer • Will Gosling
Recorded at • Polar Studios, Stockholm / RAK Studios, London

All Words by Stuart Adamson
All Music by Adamson, Brzezicki, Butler, Watson Lyrics
Reproduced by Kind Permission of 10 Music Ltd

Mixed at • RAK Studios, London
Roundhouse Studios. London
Photography • Brian Aris
Sleeve Design • J.B.

Special Thanks to •
In the Office: Ian Grant, Alan Edwards, Anne Freeman
In the Studio: David Edwards, Dave Yarlett, Kaj Erixon, Tiena Breet, Tam Devlin, Dana Gorbun Road Crew: Dave Wernham, Les King, John Call's. Kevin Hartmann, Peter Barnes, Joe Seabrook
Management • Grant - Edwards
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