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“It has been a very gratifying experience listening to these recordings again. It has definitely reminded me of the initial thoughts and aspirations I had for this group from the very start. To kind of retrace the music in reverse order has given me more of an insight in to what the band were all about. But to arrive at the very beginning of the recorded story was like looking at a picture of one self when one was a baby. The Crossing came across to me in the same way.

Of all the albums, this has a unique sound of the time. Put it down the the recording facilities or the instruments used this album is unique.

In A Big Country - I think I have heard this song more than any other song, but it was a shock hearing this album version. I imagined one of you people hearing this for the first time, what an opening track to an album. This brought back loads of memories.

Inwards - Classic, this what the band were at the time, the whole guitar thing, echoes, harmonies, driving rhythm, instrumental sections, this was one of the reasons I was in the band at the beginning. Great music.

Chance - This song was written during the same time as IABC and when we recorded them both, I had an idea I had only ever dreamed about before, the likelihood of having hits singles, but I never knew how much power it had until I first heard you guys singing back to us. Again, just love the textures of this recording. Strange to hear Stuarts' developing voice. He was very much the crooner in the beginning but developed it to the identifiable voice we all knew. What a simple yet anthemic chorus.

1000 Stars - This song was written and demoed in my mums front room in Ealing, on my Fostex 4 track. It was a buzz to take it into the studio and record it properly. What an original sounding song, never heard the like since. The subject matter is still as relevant today as it was then.

The Storm - Classic, I discovered my latent folky side when we recorded this track, it hit me really hard, I felt such an affinity with the song and subject that it helped me discover things about my self. I rememeber there was actually a very angry storm going on during the mixing of the track. Marks' drumming on the end is outrageous.

Harvest Home - This was the second version of this song and the better one in my my mind. The original lacked power, something we discovered when we started playing it live. It brought a smile to my face on hearing the syncopation between the bass and drums at the end of the track.

Lost Patrol - This song and sound are so original, the delayed guitars and stomping rhythm and the tribal chanting, pure genius.

Close Action - at the time of making this album, I remember this being my most favourite track. I couldn't believe the sheer musicality of of it. The guitars are glorious, the vocal, lyrics and melody wrenched my heart out of my chest until the chorus, when I felt safe again. (sorry, gone a bit dizzy). What a track.

Field Of Fire - The track that defined the sound of Big Country. Brilliant. There are two other tracks although not on the original version of the album that I need to mention. The Crossing - to me this was the track that set the sails for this ship, it was the track where we discovered a shared interest in a musical style, and also Heart and Soul - the track that made me want to join this band, when I first heard the demo I had felt an exhilaration I had never known before, i was really proud of this track, it really denotes why it all happened. I have mention Steve Lillywhite, I grew to love him during the making of this record and still have the highest regard for his talent. i love the fact I have been lucky enough to meet and work with extremely talented people and Steve was one of them. His input into this album was immeasurable. Thank you for letting me share my thoughts with you. Enjoy these records, I have. Cheers, TB” (29 December 2006, at 2:54pm BC Forum)

“I missed Porroh Man. Like Inwards, a track that set the expansive track template that was being developed at the time. Musically glorious, fab to play live. Cheers TB” (29 December 2006, at 3:45pm BC Forum)


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Bruce Watson: Guitars, E-Bow, Vocals
Stuart Adamson: Vocals, Guitars, E-bow, Piano
Tony Butler: Bass Guitars, Vocals
Mark Brzezicki: Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Additional Vocals by Christine Beveridge

Produced by Steve Lillywhite
Engineered by Will Gosling
Assisted by Steve Chase & Mike Nocito
Recorded at the Manor and Rak Studios
May 1983
Photo by Paul Cox
Sleeve by J. B. & Q. Branch
Ian Grant for
Grant-Edwards Management
Country Club
123 Edgware Road
London W.2.
(Please Enclose S.A.E.)

All lyrics reproduced by kind permission of Virgin Music Publishing Ltd.

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