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Respectfully dedicated to Stuart Adamson


Mark Brzezicki - Drums & Percussion, Backing vocals
Derek Forbes - Bass, Guitar Theramin, Keyboards & Backing Vocals
Mike Peters - Lead Vocals & Acoustic Guitar
Bruce Watson - Guitar, Stylophone, Vacuum Cleaner & Ebow
Jamie Watson - Guitar, Mandolin & Backing Vocals

Produced by Big Country
Recorded and mixed by Andrea Wright
Recorded at Aerial Studios Wrexham
Thanks to Dave O'Connor (after dark, you'll never know)
Mastered by Mike Cave at Loft Mastering
Studio Logistics: Willie Tocher

Front Cover Design: Jake Andrade
Sleeve Design" Helen Lonsdale-Robinson @A&R Inc, and Bru "Trowelhands" Watson
Ambience Co-ordinators: Crystal Tipps & Crowley

Management: Tom Vitorino & Jake Andrade, TVM Inc
Accounts: Les Sharp
Agent: Dan Devita, Andrew Goodfriend, TKO
Website & Photography: Andy Labrow
Estate of Stuart Adamson, Stuart Ongley & Jamie Davidson

Thanks to Tina Clarke as Zildjian, Pearl Drums, Vick Firth drum sticks and Remo drum heads
Hayden Amps, Albion Amps, Fret King Guitars, Vigier Basses, Freshman guitars, Roto sound strings, Dennis Drumm, John Hornby Skewes, Kennys Music and Guitar Guitar.

Love to my Mum Kathleen Brzezicki

Love to Sandra & Bruce Watson Jnr. Sarah Gormley

Thanks to Jules, Dylan and Evan Peters, and to all Big Country and Alarm fans for making The Journey

For Wendy, Kai and Dylan Forbes xxx
Ethan Dettenmaier Lota Hadley and Shawn x, Mark Ryan, Robbie McIntosh, Andrew McCormick, Secret Squirrel, and COS.
I dedicate my performance to the memory of my Great Nephew, Drummer Byron Gordon x

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