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“ I listened to this CD for the first time in years (ipod in the gym) and I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was. Each track has high value. Driving To Damascus should have been a single (could have done with a more powerful mix) Lyrically Somebody Else is superb, and all the other tracks rock and pull on the emotional strings. Great songs and playing. A pleasant re-visit. Forgot to mention my love for Your Spirit To Me, remember Stuart writing the lyric and him asking me what I thought. The track that is on the album is inspirational.” (Tony Butler, 29 October 2006 , BC Forum)

“Forgot to mention my love for Your Spirit To Me, remember Stuart writing the lyric and him asking me what I thought. The track that is on the album is inspirational. How do I feel about listening to stuff now? Well this is the first time since Stuarts passing that I have really wanted to listen to our music. What I intend doing is to listen to an album a week and write a comment on here.” (Tony Butler, 30 October 2006 , BC Forum)

Driving to Damascus – I have expressed my thoughts on this track before, but I felt (originally) that this would have made a quality single. I also believe it could have had a more radio friendly mix.

Dive Into Me – this track had so much going for it; melody, drive, passion and (in my mind) a glimpse at the future in terms of writing and developing guitar based gems. I remember being very excited about this tune in its embryonic state, and one of the reason that kept me going during that period in Nashville (see my book for further info here).

See You – I have a beautiful memory of the female string section that was bought in to compliment this beautiful track. I though Stuarts vocal on this song was so in tune with the sentiment, it totally work for me.

Perfect World – The memory I have of this was a quest to add something different to the BC sound. We had by this time, a very strong musical identity, but there was always an ambition to move forward, but not lose the essence of what we were about. This I think was Rafe McKennas’ finest moment; introducing the loops and other noises. It added a contemporary drive to the track that made it very cool.

Fragile Thing – There’s a haunting vibe to the sound (and chord structure) that I find very chilling yet infectious. It is a beautiful song embellished fantastically by Eddi Reader (I personally loved the fact that we used female vocals on certain tracks through the canon) and I was sure that this would be received well on Radio 2 here in the UK. Its about as country as I would go though.

The President Slipped and Fell – I loved this song as soon as we started working on it. It was loud, it was a thrash, it was wild and the lyrics reflected that as well. Nothing subtle here.

Devil in the Eye – The second track co-written by Stuart and Ray, and although I like it, it is not a tune I greatly relate too.

Trouble The Waters – a dark subject difficult to relate to if not from or have a knowledge of American history. I love this track just because it says something and educates. The music I feel compliments the lyric rather than over-powering the context, which is right in my opinion.

Bella – This is a that has a very relaxed Stones-esque rock feel which gave us the opportunity to have this really loose feel to some aspects of the band. I always felt that Bruce shone in terms of guitar with these types of tracks and tempos. The lyric is a think Stuart at his most relaxed.

Your Spirit To Me - Awesome, simply awesome. The depth of emotion in the song context, vocal delivery and musical arrangement is something that I feel incredibly proud of, and I wish more people got to hear this song.

Grace - I simply loved this track. Again, pushing the boundaries of rhythm, ethnicity and melody; it conjures up so many different ethnic flavours and images from the East to the deep south of the US. This track does something to me that I really can’t explain. I love it. Sorry, this was Rafe McKennas finest piece of production.


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Stuart Adamson : Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin, Slide, Moog.
Mark Brzezicki: Drums, Vocals, Programming.
Tony Butler: Bass, Vocals, Vibe.
Bruce Watson: Guitar, Mandolin, Sitar, Slide.
Produced by Rafe McKenna and Big Country. Recorded and mixed by Rafe McKenna at Rockfield Studios. Assisted by Lee 'Capn' Butler. Mastered by Tim Young at Metropolis.

Additional Musicians:
Eddi Reader: Backing Vocals
Sally Herbert: String Arrangements
Kirsten Adamson: Backing Vocals
Josh Phillips: Keyboards.
Rowan Stigner aka Loop Skywalker: Drum loops.
Rafe McKenna: Backing Vocals.

Sally Herbert, Jules Singleton, Anne Stephenson, Ginni Ball, Claire Orsler, Dinah Beamish.

Main Frame Studio Nashville, USA: Nathan Smith. House in the Woods Studio, England: Simon Milton. Stanbridges, England: Mark Alberici

Thanks To
Ron Manigley. Charles, Sandra, Bridget and Colette at Monnow Valley Studio. Kingsley, Ann, Lisa, Amend, Gavin, Val, Hannah and Emily at Rockfield Studios, Monmouth, South Wales. Food of the Gods prepared and cooked to perfection by Jim Woods. Duck and all at Sound Control, Dunfermline. Ray, Big Joe, Jim, Jake and all at TNL. Charlie, Mick, Keith and Ron. John Giddings and all at Solo. David Gentle. Lester Dales. Tony Powell, Lisa Bardsley and all at Pinnacle. Julian Spear and Justin Coombes at Red Shadow. Steve Tandy and all at Intermedia. Bill Kenwright, Brett Finnigan. James Grant. David Baker. Bob Fisher. Fiona Davies. Melanie Shelley and Angela at Trim. Styling by Becky Daniels. Alice at CD Systems. All the Scudders on the website. ESP Takemine, Fender, Patrick Eggle and Moon guitars. Pearl drums and Zildjian cymbals. Roland UK, Aubrey Parsons. Marshall, Mesa/Boogie and Peavey amplification. Photography: Jim Herrington. Design & Art Direction: JP3 for Playground Art

Management - Ian Grant.

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