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Emlyn was a shy, sensitive child. "Always has his head in the clouds..." they would say.
He didn't make friends easily and spent much of his time alone with his thoughts. At the age of ii, he suddenly became ill and was hospitalised. One night, while in great pain, he found himself floating upwards, first to the ceiling, then up through the roof, into the sky above the building.

From his new perspective he viewed the tops of the trees and other buildings in the grounds and there, in the bright moonlight, he realised all pain had gone. It was then that he first saw her, a vision of such extreme beauty and grace, he felt sure she couldn't be real. In that sublime and wonderful moment, everything was perfect in the world.

Surely, this was just a dream, but she seemed to be saying something as he suddenly found himself back in the bed with a loud snapping sound. From that day he quickly recovered and could not forget the intense calm and peace he felt in her presence.

Everything around him now seemed dull and colourless. It was as if he was only half awake and the sound of her voice kept calling him. Obsessed with seeing her again, he spent every waking
moment reading about astral projection.

Emlyn was soon exploring those strange worlds between sleeping and waking, now leaving his body at will, flying over towns and cities, forests and oceans.
If he could just see her one more time...



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Invisible Din
1. Overture 7:07
b. Overview
c. Fall back to Life
2. Through the Dream 7:13
b. Soaring the Vapour
3. Uninvited Guest 6:57
b. Carried Away
4. Song from a Waking Dream 1:34
5. Where is My Home 3:39
b. Right Angled
6. Searching the Banks for a Memory 8:44
b. Cloud Distortion
c. Caught in the Streaming
7. Waiting for the Rush 5:4o
8. Riding the Thermal 3:22
9. Quiet Days 8:49
b. Over the Edge
c. No Return
10. Invisible Din 5:42
11i. Almost Seen 7:24
b. The Light Below
c. Falling Through
Produced by Tony Lowe

The copyright in this sound recording is owned by Sunn Creative
All rights of the manufacturer and of the owner of the work produced reserved.
Unauthorised copying, hiring, lending, public performance, broadcasting of the recorded work prohibited.
MCPS/PRS. Wendover, Bucks - UK - (+44)208.144.1648
Ⓟ & © 2016 Sunn Creative SUNNC1601 - Made in England

ESP - Invisible Din
Music : Tony Lowe
Lyrics : Tony Lowe & Alison Fleming
Produced by : Tony Lowe
Tony Lowe : Guitar (all); Keyboards (all except track 8); Lead Vocals on tracks 1, 6, 7, 9;
Bass on tracks (a), 2 (a), 5, 6, 9, a (b)
Mark Brzezicki : Drums (all except track 4); Lead Vocals on tracks 2, 3
David Jackson : Saxophones, Flutes on tracks i, 2, 3, 6, 9
David Cross : Violin on tracks io,
Steve Gee : Bass on tracks 2 (b), 3, 7, 8
Phil Spalding : Bass on tracks 1 (c), 10, (c)
John Young : Keyboards on track 8
John Beagley : Lead Vocals on tracks ,1 5, 6, 9, 11
Alison Fleming : Voice of the Ghost (all except track )
Pat Orchard : Acoustic Guitar on track 11 (from an original composition)
Yumi Hara : Electric Harp on track 6
Drums recorded by : Fil Ross at Mill Hill Recording Co
Mastered by : Nick Watson at Fluid Mastering
Design & Layout : Cheryl Stringall
Inside Panel Art (right) : Adapted from original artwork by Mark Brzezicki; Cover image by Gerd Altmann (CC) Photo Credits : David Jackson by Luca Fiaccavento; Steve Gee by Paul Blue; Yumi Hara by Kunimitsu Tsuburai; Alison Fleming by Madeleine Thour; Tony Lowe, Mark Brzezicki, David Cross, John Beagley by Cheryl Stringall
Lyrics reprinted by permission - All tracks copyright control MCPS/PRS for Music - SUNNC1601

Twitter: @ESPlnvisibleDin
Facebook: @ESP.InvisibleDin

Lyrics reprinted by permission
All tracks copyright control MCPS/PRS for Music Ⓟ & © 2016 Sunn Creative SUNNC1601
Made in England