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1st century cyborg

two scientists work for the huge multinational Vector Cy-Hawk Corporation whose wealth and power is built on artificial intelligence...

researchers have found a way to link human brains is called the cortex slave system...this system is incorporated into the world wide web creating a higher consciousness which allows the corporation to harness the energy...utilising this vital energy resource to send to the spaceships that are travelling through space to find a new earth...

the two scientists don't want to leave earth...a desire which is seen as a heresy and punishable by death...
they want the option to be allowed to remain as part human - part code on learn once and for all that humans need to live in harmony with nature and the living organisms of planet earth...

the two scientists have found a loophole in the cortex slave system that enables them to become pure code or a cyborg without the Vector Cy-Hawk Corporation knowing...

making love one last time as humans before entering the virtual world, they memorise the code which enables them to return back into the real human world when they need to...unfortunately after a while they realise they feel alienated on both sides of reality...

they feel at odds with the humans and the fact they are not really clear what they are anymore...they are half human and half cyborg...a new species...1st century cyborgs...

the 1st century cyborgs want the humans to be happy but the humans have allowed themselves to be enslaved with social media and a general drone like superficiality...everyone sends messages to each other...without any base or substance to their words or the external one knows what is real they are lost in the countless mirages and illusions they have created...

the humans function on basic social algorithms and the 1st century cyborgs want to wake the human drones up to help them find a solution to living simply and in peace on earth...hoping that humans can be one love...sharing their connections, empathy and histories... without the threat of war...and for the first time in human history find harmony and peace...

peter coyle



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1. god of denial 8:04
ii. the code
2. algorithm 4.07
3. 22 layers of sunlight 6:25
4. ride through reality 3:56
5. smiling forever 6:36
6. butterfly suite 9:04
i. don't let go
ii. caught in the net
iii. travelling light
7. sensual earth 7:44
8. gunshot lips 7:28
9. the ballad of broken hearts 6:40
Produced by Tony Lowe
The copyright in this sound recording is owned by sunn creative.
AII rights of the manufacturer and of the owner of the work produced reserved. Unauthorised copying, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting of the recorded work prohibited. Ail tracks copyright control MCPS/PRS/PPL. Wendover, Bucks, UK - (+44) 208.144.1648
Manufactured in England Ⓟ & © 2018 sunn creative SUNNC1801

Music : Tony Lowe
Lyrics : Peter Coyle
Vocal Melodies : Peter Coyle
Story - Concept : Peter Coyle
Produced by : Tony Lowe
Tony Lowe : Guitar - Keyboards
Peter Coyle : Vocals
Mark Brzezicki : Drums
Pete Clark : Bass
Richard Smith : Piano on track 'smiling forever'
Drums recorded by : Fil Ross at Mill Hill Recording Co
Mastered by : Nick Watson at Fluid Mastering
Design & Layout : Cheryl Stringall
Panel & Booklet Art : Cheryl Stringall
Stock images : pixabay
Recorded in England & France 2017
Lyrics reprinted by permission
All tracks copyright control MCPS/PRS/PPL - SUNNC1801

Ⓟ & © 2018 Sunn Creative - SUNNC1801 - Made in England