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“Good tunes, good fans, enjoy this little part of it”
luv luv luv
JJ Gilmour. July 2004

I first met Bruce (W) when they kindly agreed to be our special guests at
The Jam’s ‘Dig The New Breed’ farewell shows at Wembley Arena in 1982.

Big Country, a great band.

So, when asked if I'd like to play with Bruce, Mark, Josh & JJ Gilmour From The Silencers, I jumped at the chance, what a privilege. Given very little time to re acquaint and rehearse ourselves in London, we set off on a short jaunt around the UK.

This is the result, I hope you enjoy it See you next time,
Bruce Foxton. July 2004

It was 29/07/81 that I first worked with Rick Buckler from the Jam. Stuart Adamson and I were demoing two new songs, 'Angle Park' and 'Heart and Soul' with John Leckie producing. I don't know how Rick ended up playing drums on those sessions, I just remember turning up at the Townhouse studios to see him tuning up his famous white kit. His drumming can be heard on Big Country's Rarities IV, tracks 1 and 12.

It wasn't until 05/12/82 that we would meet Rick again, this time we were supporting the Jam on their farewell (Dig the new breed) tour. This was the first time I met Bruce Foxton and Paul Weller. All members of the Jam and their crew were good with us. I remember getting reasonably lengthy sound checks as the band were playing five nights in the same place, Wembley.

I didn't see Bruce again until he was recording his solo album a year later. He invited us to the studio to hang out for the evening and listen to a new song called Freak.

Jinky and I first appeared together at Mike Peter's 'Alarmstock' convention in Wrexham, 24/08/03 Both Mike and I would perform an acoustic set consisting of Alarm and Big Country songs. Jinky said that he had been doing a version of 'Chance' during his tour so we got him up to perform with us. Jinky was also coming to Scotland a lot and we decided that we should get some numbers together combining Big Country and his own material. We ended up playing with such diverse acts as Ocean Colour Scene, Nazareth and the Sensational Alex Harvey Band. (Without Alex obviously)

Mark and I got together to record Fish's new album, which I had been writing and performing with him since 28/02/03. The0 result was called 'Field Of Crows'. Mark and Josh had been working with Procul Harem and Arthur Brown out the live side of things were winding down so we all agreed that we needed a new project to get our teeth into. Mark had also been trying to get a unit involving Simon Townsend and Bruce Foxton on the go, but they had commitments to the Who and Stiff Little Fingers. Simon had also recorded a new song called 'Dot Bomb' which he cleverly mashed up 'Start' and Fields of Fire'.

Hope this explains how we got together — Bruce Watson. July 2004

Rehearsing, Touring, Recording, Home, Rehearsing, Touring, Long bus journeys, Hotels, Late nights, Gigs, New songs to learn, New town, Different places, Back on the tour buses, etc, Get a call from Bruce Watson, "Hey Mark I'm writing a new album with the mighty Fish, fancy banging the bongos". I said, "Yes please". It was so great to work with Bruce again, he was on form, playing great, and writing songs with Fish, in tempo I never thought he'd ever play. It was during this time that it made me think of Big Country and particularly of Stuart, and I thought wow, what a great band Big Country was, and at the same, time I thought, it would be great to play those songs again, Me and Bruce should work together again with our own music, in the spirit of Big Country but not as Big Country. It did not take long. I had been trying to get a new project off the ground wth Simon Townshend and Bruce Foxton but Simon was about to join THE WHO. Bruce W. meets JJ Gilmour. I naturally draft in my great riend Josh who has a great B.C history. I call Bruce Foxton.

This is a dream band,,,, with a call to Ian Grant things happened quickly. Without ever meeting as a group, we are rehearsing, on tour and making great music from all our previous bands, this is the start of something great, and I think this CD captures the early life of a unique band that individually have come on a long journey with experience and a wonderful past, with new songs in the pipe line, this is a band that needs to happen.

Mark - July 2004

What work with that bunch again never!!

Well allright then go on.

Mark Bruce W and I go back a long way now as I first worked with them together in Big Country in 1988 on the Piece in our time tour taking me into the Deepest Darkest parts of the Eastworld I had ever been, In fact after a few more trips East I wondered if we would ever "go west".

There is recorded proof of these visits on DVD -live in Berlin-and live in Russia.

Years later we are still the best of mates, I do speak to and see Tony on rare occasions and we often laugh about some of tfte daft pranks we got up to back then (mostly Mark and Bruce and Myself of course)

When Mark and Bruce had the idea that we should trfy and do something together again I was unsure to start with. As TB was not involved it was quite clearly not a new BC outing, so when BF was suggested as the bass player I thought 'Hang on a minute his a bit good isn't he'

Next I heard JJ's singing oh his new solo album and thought well that's it then best we go do something.

To be working with one of my closest longest and tallest standing friends MB there was no question that it was for me.

OH and we make a pretty good noise too for a bunch of old farts.

Sit back turn of Big Brother open a bottle of wine slip this CD into your machine turn up the wick close your eyes and 'BE THERE' with us.

X JOSH - July 2004



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Seven Waves
(Adamson, Watson)
EMI Music Ltd
Perfect World
(Adamson, Butler, Brzezicki, Watson)
Track Music Ltd
Fragile Thing
(Adamson, Watson)
Track Music Ltd
Town Called Malice
(Paul Weller)
BMG Music
(Adamson, Watson)
EMI Music Ltd
Me & You
(JJ Gilmour)
Copyright Control / IC Music Inc
Butterfly Collector
(Paul Weller)
BMG Music
Never Take Your Place
Copyright Control
Down In The Tube Station At Midnight
(Paul Weller)
BMG Music
In A Big Cpuntry
(Adamson, Butler, Brzezicki, Watson)
EMI Music Ltd

Thanks to
Ian Grant. James Grant for all artwork design. Gordon Tilley at Patrick Eggle Guitars. Simon Frazer Clark at Laney amplification. Cob at Interweb. Smiggs Guitars Fife. Jason How at Rotosound strings.

Roland UK and John Bailey at Yamaha for the keyboards. Pearl Drums. Zildjian Cymbals. Dan and Lisa for the Studio. Ian Burgoyne and John Moore for designer T-shirts. Debbie Grant - Mail Order. All the New Casbah Club fans for coming!!

On the road
Dave Claxton — Tour Manager
Huw Evans — Sound Engineer
John Magner — Stage Technician
Andy Wilkinson — Stage Technician
Berenice Hardman — Tour Pre Production
Ron Manigley @ Star Events -
Taurus Bus Hire
The Tour Company — Travel Agent
MCD in Ireland
The UK promoters that promoted
Ian Grant Management - Management Willie Tocher & Pogomotion — Agency representation
Live sound recorded and mixed by
Dan McGrath.
Produced by Casbah Club &
Dan McGrath.
Executive Producer — Ian Grant.
Recorded with Apple G4 running Logic audio and Motu 828's.
Cover photography — Ian Grant & John Moore at Inner photo's — Kirsty Grant & James Grant

01 Seven Waves
02 Perfect World
03 Fragile Thing
04 Town Called Malice
05 Ships
06 Me & You
07 Butterfly Collector
08 Never Take Your Placel
09 Down In The Tube Station At Midnight
10 In A Big Country
11 CD rom (including video clip from tour, interviews, photo gallery)


Made in England TRA 1046

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