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One In A Million

Intro      C    G    C    G    C    G    Em   C

Em   D    C    Am              Em           D  C
I believe, what I believe        And hope that I am not deceived

   Em     D       C    Am             G           C              D
By little details I received          You know that I never look twice

Em       D      C     Am           Em     D       C
Something far outside of me      A part of which I could not be

Em      D        C     Am         G             C        D
And things I would not care to see    I don't have the time for advice

  G            C              D
I don't wanna hear your advice


You're one in a million               That's no lie
                                 Em         C
My one in a million              Needs no disguise

Cadd9                                                  G
There you are                    On and on and on and on and on
                                      D         C
Inside my head                   Like a whisper  Still you go

C                     G                                D
On and on and on and on and on   Inside my world For a moment