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Big Country.....Fragile Thing

Verse 1
Am                             F                                      Am
Thank you mam for asking, yes I am on my own
Am                      F                                            Am
I guess its kind of obvious, I am eating here alone
                                 F                                             Am
I'm grateful for the company, tired of talking to myself
                                         F                                                  Am
Don't you look into my eyes, for you might see someone else

C               G             F           Am    C             G                         F                    Am
Love is a small and fragile thing, I spent a lot of cold nights missing you
C                        G               F               Am  C              G                         F               Am
Keep it in your hands or let it take  wing, I spend a lot of cold nights missing you

Verse 2,
Am                        F                                                    Am
I've been to see a movie, about a man who saved the world,
Am                                      F                                              Am
Had the same old happy ending, where the hero gets the girl
Am                   F                                         Am                         F      Am
And all I ever wanted was to be that hero too, then I might still be with her instead of here with you

verse 3
Am                            F                                               Am                                F
Thank you for your time now, I'm gonna go and walk, might as well do that , because I
am running out of talk
Am                                   F                                                        Am                              F
I could walk a thousand miles tonight, and never find my place. At least until it gets too
light to hide my tearful face
Verse 4
Am                                    F                                             Am                                    F
There's a low ballet on the highway, brief faces in the light. I catch them for a second
                                              Am                                     F                                               Am
Heading somewhere in the night.  We have no connection, but the darkness and the road.
Am                   F                                          Am
I better find a place tonight, better call it home..................