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1 July 2022

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Special guests: Pete Wishart and Alan Wishart
Special fly-on-the-wall guests: Stuart Menzies and John Gouveia.

Introduction of Pete and Alan, who were part of the first line-up of Big Country for six months across 1982/83.

Topics covered:

  • The early days of getting into music, the overall scene, Bruce’s early band The Delinquents, Stuart and his adventures with Skids, and others.

  • Early interview clip with Pete and Stuart from 1982.
  • The memory about being asked to join Stuart and Bruce’s new band.

  • Getting to know Bruce, and the evolving friendship with him even in later years.
  • The openness to listen to ideas and material – memories of working and contributing to specific songs.

  • Did Stuart/Bruce have a firm idea about a musical direction or approach, or did the band’s direction grow organically?
  • Discussions about image in those early days – there were definitely some thoughts about how they should appear!

  • Memories about the first/early rehearsals – how did it happen? Where was it? How was it? Who was there? Which songs? How did it evolve?
  • We talk about the infamous Alice Cooper tour. Big Country were signed as the opening band, but were asked to leave after two shows. We talk in-depth about what happened, and did they even meet Alice Cooper or his band?

  • Memories from the band’s very first show at the Glen Pavilion in Dunfermline on 4 February 1982.
  • The break-up of the first line-up, and the discussions about the future of the band that happened at the time.

  • Life after Big Country – other bands, careers, and how they are doing now.
  • Memorable Wishart songwriting contributions that endured in Big Country material.

  • Reactions on first hearing about Stuart’s passing and personal memories about the time they had together.