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2022 New Year's Yule Comeback
(aka the 2021 Housecleaning episode)

30 January 2022

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  • Tom and Svein return for the first time in ages to talk about 2021 – and how this was the first year since the podcast started without a new, genuine podcast episode (the new PSA about the Robin Millar Mix of The Seer not being part of our official chronology).

  • We take a look at (and discuss) the following events and releases from 2021

    • 1 Mar: Restless Natives movie released on Blu-ray for the first time, and DVD. We talk about Alan Anbari’s scholarly work analysing the audio on the release – look for info on the PDF in the “Big Country reissues and new releases” Facebook group.
    • 3 April: the Big Country Livestream Event
    • 5 May: Skids covers album “Songs From A Haunted Ballroom”
    • 15 May: Skids website release “Skids Live Volume 1”
    • Mid-May: Scott Whitley release his EP “In My Shoes”
    • Mid-June: Simon Hough release “The Tramp”
    • 2 July: Without the Aid of a Safety Net “Expanded Edition” 3LP
    • 27 Aug: The Buffalo Skinners “Expanded Edition” 2LP
    • 22 Sep: Japanese reissue of The Crossing
    • 7 Oct: Skids website release “Skids Live volume 2 (Lockdown Live)”
    • 1 Nov: Tony Butler and Tom Nordon combine forces as T’n’T, with a digital release of “Funky Tech Rock”
    • 12 Nov: Scott Whitley announces his departure from Big Country, after serving as their bass player since 2015. We give thanks and share fond memories.
    • 12 Nov: Big Country announce Gil Allan as their new bass player.

  • An overview of Big Country’s live situation in 2021. How many shows were cancelled due to ongoing restrictions? When did things start to normalize? We do the breakdown.

  • Ways to listen to the podcast – why we’re not on Spotify, and user comments from various platforms such as Podbean!

  • Our hopes and dreams for 2022, as well as our intention to revisit the deep-dive pool to take a look at the Wonderland release.