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18 December 2019

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Featuring special guest appearances by Andy Inkster and John Gouveia

Your podcast hosts start the show by promising that this year’s Yuletide episode will be shorter than the previous few ones. They then laugh at how long those are. And cry.

Looking back at the podcast episodes of 2019:

  • The Crossing deep-dive, and how we feel about wrapping up the album deep-dives
  • We discuss how the deep-dives have changed over the years, and how we feel about the earlier ones
  • The Steeltown Tour report from Liverpool

Looking forward to 2020: Big Country will tour Scandinavia as well as the US East coast!

Looking back at the WKW project: summarizing the project and the end of the pledge campaign, and creating/delivering pledge rewards to people.

BRUCE AND JAMIE WATSON – “Where The Rose Is Sown” (instrumental guitar performance, originally done as a pledge reward for Andy Inkster 2019).

WKW’s journey from EP to album, the Facebook poll on people’s favourite album track, and future plans for the project.

WKW – “Lay The Coin” (album version from “Men of Steel”).

Tom and Svein talk about their plans to meet for the Balmule event in Dunfermline in 2020.

James Last plays Big Country, part 2.

Announcing a new group for The Great Divide on the new-ish social media platform MeWe.

The Great Divide Quiz Show, hosted by Andy Inkster

  • Round One: Big Country in Social Media – straightforward answers
  • Round Two: Big Country in Social Media – multifaceted answers
  • Round Three: Scottish insults

Competition, with questions posed by Andy, Tom, and Svein. (Answers: Argentina, Seven Swords, Mark B’s drums). Den Heyward won the prize.

Speakpipe from Hank f’n Hill.

We bring on John Gouveia for a catch-up and general chat about all things Big Country: the Peter Barton website, John’s BC Christmas memories which also includes a special appearance by Yoko Ono, and the many signs that the band has seen a resurgence in popularity.

Did we fill any rare holes in our Big Country collections this year?

John goes through a very rare and emotional moment where he tells us how much he loves the WKW album and how proud he is of Tom. Don’t worry, it passes quickly. And Christmas silence descended. Merry Yule!