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18 August 2018

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  • Introduction, and loose catch-up.
  • The Great Divide podcast Show Notes™ have arrived! What are they? How could they be useful? Svein also talks about the experience of re-listening to every episode from our past.
  • Update on The Seer Millar Mix petition with feedback from Universal – a conclusion of sorts, at least for now.
  • New music from Tom is on the way. We look at the story of how the Storm piano piece ended up being a full-fledged Big Country walk-on music.
  • Svein talks about the experience of writing the liner notes for the Why The Long Face Deluxe 4CD boxed set.
  • A closer look at said Why The Long Face Deluxe boxed set.

Looking at album and book releases since our last episode:

  • Skids - World On Fire.
  • Richard Jobson’s book “Into the Valley.”
    • The wealth of information about the circumstances around each album session.
    • Armoury Show reunion discussion.
    • Russell Webb.
  • Tony Butler – My Time
    • Our album highlights, Mark’s appearances, and the various song styles.
    • “Here Comes the First One” vs. “You Lose Your Dreams.”
    • The written song-by-song “deep-dive” article by Svein first published on the Rocking In the Norselands Facebook page.
  • Tony Butler’s book “Then Came the Great Divide.”
    • Examples of situations that describe the growing disconnect in the band.
    • Not forgetting that the book is Tony’s perspective – ideally we’d have books from everybody with more perspectives that could give a fuller picture.
    • The size of the book vs the Pledgemusic mock-up.
  • ESP 2.0 – 22 Layers of Sunlight.
    • Tony Lowe’s announcement from June 2018 which clarifies Mark’s past & current role in the project.
    • Thoughts on album, differences between 22 Layers and Invisible Din.

Big Country touring activity

  • Japan, 8.-11. August 2018 – Big Country’s first return to Japan since 1984.
  • Towersay Festival, 24.-27. Aug 2018 (Big Country play on the 25th). A folk-rock/singer-songwriter festival where Big Country would definitely be one of the most “rock” acts on the bill.
  • Full Metal Cruise, 2.-7. Sep 2018. A heavy metal/power metal cruise, where Big Country would definitely be one of the most “pop” acts on the bill. What should Big Country do to make the best impression in front of a metal crowd? And who is Mambo Kurt anyway?

We look forward to the coming album by The Marriage – the project featuring Kirsten Adamson and Dave Alex Burn.

THE MARRIAGE – “Long Ride Home” (Facebook live stream “from the living room,” 14 August 2018)

Bonus: audio report from the Full Metal Cruise…