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13 February 2016

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We welcome fellow Big Country fans Jason Allen, Cara Cuiule and Tim Eldred to the podcast for our second roundtable discussion. The topic is the Buffalo Skinners album.

The discussion is loose and flows relatively freely, but the overall main topics covered are:

  • Introduction of Cara and Tim, and their personal Big Country stories.
  • Setting the stage: the musical climate and world news of 1993, when The Buffalo Skinners was released.
  • The panel’s personal memories of that time period, and picking up the album.
  • Introduction of Jason, and his take on the musical climate in UK at the time.
  • News tidbits about the album from Country Club in 1992/1993.
  • The panel’s hopes for the album before we actually heard it.
  • The situation of the band at the time, and the circumstances that led to the recording of the album.
  • The panel’s thoughts on how the album sounded vs. previous albums.
  • The panel’s thoughts about the title of the album.
  • The story about how the bands lost a whole week’s worth of overdubs, and how redoing that affected the final approach and sound.
  • Tom’s count of Stuart’s “karate barks” (sha/ha/chicas/digas/etc.) on The Buffalo Skinners vs the Crossing.
  • The panel discuss the track “Alone” as the first single from the album – first impressions, thoughts on that track as a single vs. others, etc.
  • Memories of seeing the band live on the Buffalo Skinners tour.
  • The panel discuss the style of the album. It is relentless in its approach. Does this make the album more one-dimensional, or does it end up being solely a strength?
  • The panel’s thoughts on the drumming on the album – Simon vs. Mark.
  • Everybody’s favourite moment(s) on the album.
  • The panel’s thoughts on the b-sides of the album. Should any have been included on the album?
  • The panelists reveal where they think the album fits in an overall ranking of the Big Country catalogue.