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1 December 2015

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We welcome Kirsten Adamson to the show to discuss her self-titled debut album!

  • How it feels to finally have the album out, and Kirsten’s first thoughts on it.
  • How Kickstarter/crowdsourcing worked for her, what her experiences with it were, if she would do it again, etc.
  • Kirsten talk about the album’s genre-defying nature and her thoughts about the many stylistic approaches on it.
  • The early days with Gillyflowers.
  • The early days of classical vocal training from age 7.

Song-by-song breakdown:

  • Song #1: Like This – the song that was picked as the lead-off track and single because of its differentness, plus very positive feedback from live shows.
  • Song #2: New York Girl – the “Blondie-song” on the album, which even namecheck “Debbie’s eyes” in the lyrics.
  • Song #3: Impossibilities – the song that got a prior E.P. release. Kirsten reveals that she is “not keen on the fadeouts.”
  • Song #4: Robot Girlfriend – the ironic song about girls who do anything for their boyfriend.
  • Song #5: Feel the Same – the tragic love song with the haunting ending.
  • Song #6: The Calling – the song with the spaghetti western-sounding theme, which bemoans the unsettling times we live in.
  • Song #7: Valentine – Kirsten’s 1990s grunge moment.
  • Song #8: Snow – the haunting tune where Kirsten spent a lot of time vocalizing.
  • Song #9: Time To Be Afraid – dissonant sounds and a spooky organ paints a picture of losing yourself in madness, but ultimately it’s all right to go a bit crazy sometimes.
  • Song #10: Daniel – the song with a “the Who”-ending is the oldest song on the record, dating back to Gillyflowers.
  • Song #11: Mountains – this country-tinged ballad is a duet with Dave Burn from Ahab.
  • Song #12: Big Red Bus – a more uplifting song which ends with a dance party.
  • The influence of Big Country in Kirsten’s music.
  • Svein arrives, and gets two minutes to ask Kirsten about her relationship with all the Big Country fans she meets on a continual basis.

Kirsten leaves, and Svein & Tom wraps up with some more Kirsten talk.

  • The things we planned to ask, but didn’t have time for.
  • The musical careers of both of the Adamson kids, and how exciting it is to follow them.
  • Kirsten’s mentality of approaching music from the heart, not thinking about what is the best commercial move.
  • The music video for “Like This”.
  • Looking back at the Gillyflowers.

And finally, some Big Country talk

  • The recent announcement that there will be a full-fledged anniversary tour for The Seer in 2016.
  • Reviving the petition for the Robin Millar mix of The Seer.
  • Josh Phillips pan pipe-synth discussion. Yes, really. Even singing ladies.
  • About the next show, our overall plans, and check out the new Kirsten album!