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15 May 2015

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Special fly-on-the-wall guest in Tom’s hallway: John Gouveia.

  • Introduction: first appearance of Robot Lady.
  • Setting the stage for a discussion on Big Country in 2015, welcoming John, and introducing the JfnG drinking game.
  • Love Is the Law – a song discussion.
  • Discussing Bruce’s comments that the song is “just a bit of fun”. Is this a mindset shared by longtime fans?
  • Comparisons with “Lay the Coin On My Tongue” by Bruce & Jamie Watson.
  • All Lay Down – is our view of that song different eight months later?
  • The production quality of the recent videos vs. the “Journey” videos.
  • The current modus operandi of the band – and a look at the planned concert dates for the next year.
  • Playing festivals vs on smaller stages.
  • The band not recording any gigs on the 30th Anniversary Steeltown tour. Are the band letting obvious opportunities to create new product slip by then? If so, is this based on capacity, not occurring to them, or what?

Fields of Fire” live performance at The Riverside Show, STV Glasgow – 6 May 2015.

  • Setlist discussion. We break down the current song selections and discuss.
  • The “Concert Window” model: playing a live show to stream on the internet, where anyone with an internet line can buy a ticket to see on their device.
  • The crowd funding model: a complete breakdown. The history of crowdfunding (as exemplified by Marillion – a pioneer crowd funding band), how it works in practice, and how this could fit a band like Big Country.
  • If Big Country were to crowdfund a project, what would be suitable rewards? The guys get creative.
  • The Journey is coming out on red vinyl, with all songs intact (unlike the orange vinyl version).
  • Outro: John has a lot of grey hair, and looks like Spock.