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4 April 2015

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Special guest: Tim Eldred.

  • The podcast is back after a three and a half month break! The guys talk about what’s been going on with them in the long break, and Tim shares a special greeting that he has prepared for Svein…
  • Feedback received after the Steeltown deep dive episodes, and how the guys learned a thing or two from the listeners as well.
  • New song alert! “Love Is the Law” was released as another new song/video on YouTube just one day before the recording of this show. With little to no time to listen to it before this show, Tom and Svein will revisit this one in a later episode. Tim offer his opinion on the song.
  • Today’s topic: A Certain Chemistry – both the book itself and the fan community audiobook project, initiated and organized by Tim.
  • Our memories of getting the book – Tom in the late 1980s, Svein in the mid-1990s, and Tim just a couple of months before this chat.
  • What the books covers well, and what it is much lighter on.
  • The interesting aspect of having other artists, contemporaries & famous scots comment on Big Country – including Bono, Alice Cooper, Lemmy (!) and a very interesting Jaz Coleman comment (and Tom does a mean Jaz Coleman impression).
  • The other interesting aspect of including a lot of negative reviews (mostly for Steeltown) in the book, which was produced in cooperation with the band & their management. A sign that they were probably not threatened by it. It did make the fanbase more fired up and defensive about “our band”, though!
  • Discussion on the interesting section toward the end of the book with insights from the management, which is almost brutally honest about the band nearly breaking up, Stuart being exhausted, and how certain personality types are not necessarily made to be “rock stars”.
  • Tim talks about the genesis of the fan audiobook project, how it was organized, how people’s accents came into play – in short, the tale of how this rare book gradually was turned into an audio book, by and for fans.
  • Tim shares who his favourite character would be if this book was made into a movie.

The audiobook follows in episode 45!