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30 November 2014

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  • Intro: “Steeltown walk-on tape” – used as the intro music on the Steeltown tour 2014, with Stuart’s liner notes from the Steeltown remaster from 1996 read over them.
  • Stuart’s mindset for this album, revealed in the album liner notes – some very bleak, dark moments
  • Some words about the Steeltown “re-presents” deluxe edition
  • The band timeline in 1984 – activities prior to, during and after the recording of the album
  • A look at some interesting comments from Stuart about their popularity, and about the Steeltown album
  • The one good review: Tom reads out the four-star review of Steeltown printed in Rolling Stone Magazine
  • The link between this album and The Crossing.

Flame of the West – song deep dive by Svein and Tom.

  • Best intro ever? The bass lines, and Tony being the star of the album
  • The single discussion
  • The lyrical themes – Reagan in particular and world leaders in general
  • The naming of the song – potential meanings of Flame of the West
  • Reagan’s trip to Ireland – the discussion topics ahead of the trip and the outcomes/aftermath
  • Vintage quotes from Stuart about Flame of the West
  • How the lyrics are timeless and can be applied to any number of things
  • That “stranger” in the song can take many forms, be anyone, and be present on many stages
  • Tom singles out a number of intricate guitar parts and runs out of superlatives

East of Eden – song deep dive by Tom and Svein.

  • The decision to make this track a single
  • The naming of the song – original meaning of the phrase & other uses
  • The production/sound of this song – a.k.a. “where are the guitars?”
  • Examples of incredible playing on the song, and very interesting arrangements – including the switch from minor key in the verses to major key in the chorus
  • A “waiting song” – things are bad all around, no apparent way to go, trapped in a situation, looking for hope or inspiration or an opportunity to get out.
  • Again, the single discussion – was it the right choice, what would be a better song, why did it not do better, etc.
  • And what are those guitars playing in the background? (We may reveal that in the coming Yuletide episode (#43).)