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9 December 2013

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Intro: Jamie, Derek and Bruce play “Angle Park” as a welcome as Tom and Svein connects to them.

Interview with Jamie, Derek and Bruce, covering recent events, the background on the split with Mike, plans for 2014 and general status with the band:

  • The return of the four-piece, and the availability challenges that led to Mike leaving.
  • Looking back at the touring of 2013, and the 3 months in US in particular.
  • The frontman debate - is one needed?
  • Bruce: "We're bringing in a backing vocalist as well..." – the first ever reference to Simon!
  • The Steeltown anniversary and the planned re-release of the album – we discuss remix vs. remaster, bonus tracks, etc.
  • Steeltown songs played live, and songs we can expect to hear live.
  • Songs the band are rehearsing now, and an example of what they will each sing.
  • Derek's familiarity with the BC back catalogue when he joined.
  • Derek picks his favourite Tony bass line.
  • Rearranging of guitar parts.
  • Jamie talks about working with his dad, his musical ambitions and song writing.

The more festive Yuletide section, still with our Scottish guests:

  • Letters from listeners - Simon in West Africa.
  • Does BC have a Christmas song?
  • Has the band listened to the podcast? The Jules Balme interview, being shown the Film Fun book by a fan on tour, and Jules first version of the BC logo.
  • B-sides. Svein tries to show the relative lack of b-sides from The Journey compared with previous effort.
  • Road stories - the guys share a number of stories from their exploits on tour. (The fact that 90 % of them are toilet-related ones is purely coincidental.)
  • Drawing of winner for our 25th anniversary question. Congrats Kenny Henderson in Glasgow.
  • Competition time: "How well do you know your bandmates?" The guys answer questions about each other.
  • Final message to the band: Thank you!

Tom and Svein summary:

  • How do we feel now about the Mike vs BC situation?
  • Our thoughts on the frontman discussion.
  • Looking back at the podcast achievements and happenings in 2013.
  • Looking forward to 2014.
  • Our motivation for continuing the podcasts, and talking about the inevitable end.
  • Favourite moments from 2013.
  • Tom and Svein give each other some rare displays of appreciation and affection.

Auld Lang Syne, sung by audience at Big Country New Year show, 1983/1984.