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22 July 2012

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  • Pat Moran (the producer).
  • NPLH liner notes by Stuart.
  • The 'Wizard of Oz'-metaphors.
  • The album cover.

We're Not In Kansas (NPLH version) – song deep dive by Svein & Tom.

  • The cornerstone song of this  album - in the context of Stuart's liner notes, the song seems very autobiographical for BC.
  • The use of keyboards - bad on tour, but nicely atmospheric on the album.
  • Lots of cool guitar parts here - listen in headphones for lots of musical detail.
  • The Oz reference - Dorothy and Toto are trying to get back to Kansas, but it's different than IT used to be. Is that BC not being able to get back?
  • Comparing the NPLH version vs the TBS version, plus Mark vs Simon's drumming.

Republican Party Reptile – song deep dive by Tom & Svein.

  • Good & well-producer song which we've both mellowed on over the years, but not typical BC music.
  • No love lost for the horn section & the singing ladies.
  • RPR as a singles choice - a confusing choice.
  • BC as a bona fide blues-rock band from Scotland - believable? T&S do not think so.
  • PJ O'Rourke as a song inspiration.

Dynamite Lady – song deep dive by Svein & Tom.

  • A very atmospheric song - Svein calls it a "night song". Tom calls is “a masterpiece”. The guys agree on both counts.
  • Guitar effects watery and dark, haunting feel, like a waking dream. Big Country produced by David Lynch.
  • Discussion on what a dynamite lady is in this context.
  • The story and the atmosphere it builds - fantastic lyrics, very poetic, open-ended from a story perspective.
  • Differences between demo & album version.
  • Tom rants and raves about how good this song is - and Svein agrees.

Keep On Dreamin' - dissection by Tom & Svein.

  • Positive title, but painting a very negative picture.
  • The start of "that" guitar sound on this album - a clean, crisp strum which features quite a bit on the album from this point on.
  • A unifying song style-wise, after three very different songs before it.

“Keep On Dreamin'” – live from the Town & Country Club, London – 4th October 1991.

Beautiful People – song deep dive by Svein & Tom.

  • The song is far too long!
  • At five and a half minutes, and limited content, there is a lot of repetition of melody, lyrics, instrumentation and playing.
  • The song is far too long!
  • Honky-tonk piano, banjo etc could spice up the song, but it never leaves and just becomes grinding.
  • The song is far too long!
  • Strangest, least understandable single choice ever?
  • The song is far too long!

The Hostage Speaks – song deep dive by Tom & Svein.

  • Tom: an interesting song, which frustratingly doesn't build and consequently doesn't climax. A flatline song.
  • Svein: an interesting song, which has dynamics, subtle building, and tremendous atmospheric payoff. A full circle song.
  • The song also has interesting lyrics, which sadly are still relevant today.
  • Comparing demo vs album version. The demo is more energetic but loses nuances and the atmospheric build-up.

“The Hostage Speaks” – live from the Town & Country Club, London – 4th October 1991.