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16 June 2012

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Continuing the countdown:

  • Svein's #6 - Magic In Your Eyes. Svein and Tom both agree that they love that Nashville-inspired trio of b-sides on the You Dreamer-single!
  • Tom's #6 - Restless Natives (and is or isn't that a snare drum?)

"Restless Natives" - live from the Town & Country Club in London, 1990.

  • Tom & Svein definitely prefers the Restless Natives music to stand on its own without the movie associations. Svein annoys all Scots everywhere by impersonating the voices from the Restless Natives-movie.
  • Svein's #5 - Restless Natives (again).
  • Tom's #5 – Eastworld. Tom and Svein both get goose bumps just by talking about the wonderful guitar solo in the playout section.
  • Svein's #4 - Golden Boy Loves Golden Girl, with a poetic spin on a classic theme. Very melodic and a muddy, industrial Steeltown vibe.
  • Tom's #4 - Belief In the Small Man (including Bass Dance), which as it turns out is a perfect song for waltz evenings.
  • Svein's #3 - The Crossing, the first true Big Country epic. Grown men tear up while talking about that breakout section.
  • Tom's #3 - Song of the South – the b-side which is superior to the a-side, while mixing a message about apartheid with an ironic Disney-reference.
  • Svein's #2 - Prairie Rose, the cover song with a Big Country reference which was taken to a place it was never destined to go.
  • Tom's #2 - Christmas Island, and the full story behind the song and what happened on the real Christmas Island.

Swerve! We explore our #11's before revealing our #1's.

  • Svein's #11 is Over the Border, and Tom quickly moves on to avoid the thunder for his #1 being stolen.
  • Tom's #11 is Dust On the Road, another fantastic song from the DTD sessions which Tom & Svein both rave about.

Then, our #1’s:

  • Svein's #1 - All Fall Together, which Svein sees as very connected to The Storm. As the song goes, “We've changed forever,“ something has been lost somehow, a very dramatic BC song. In Svein's opinion, THE most dramatic BC song ever. The guys both rave about it.
  • Tom's #1 - Over the Border, which has Tom's most favourite intro ever. More raving from the guys about the poetry, the musicality and the melody.

Wrap-up and closing comments:

“Believe In the Small Man” – cover version by Tom and Joanie Kercheval