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9 May 2012

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  • Tom introduces himself and talks about his nickname "Diss".
  • Tom talks about what made him think about doing a Big Country podcast.
  • How Tom discovered his love for a certain type of music in the early 80s, and how that led to him eventually discover Big Country.
  • The pivotal moment: Friday Night Videos on NBC and the Fields of Fire video.
  • The general musical landscape of 1983, when The Crossing was launched, & random musical news from that time.
  • The genesis of Big Country: The final days of Skids and the early days of Big Country.

"Echoes" – live performance from BC's very first live performance at Glen Pavilion in Dunfermline (the Adamson/Watson/Wishart/Wishart/Parker-line up).

  • The change of rhythm section – hello Mark & Tony.
  • The success and accolades of the Crossing - and the one award that got away.
  • Steve Lillywhite interview (ca 2008) about the recording of the Crossing.