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In Concert #454 (Hammersmith Odeon 23 January 1989) (1989) 6:05 Æ 1989-01-23
BBC Live in Concert (1995) 6:47 Æ 1989-01-23
Peace Concert (2001) 6:15 ß 1988-06-18
At The BBC (Disc 3) (2013) 6:42 Æ 1989-01-23
The Best of The BBC Recordings (2013) 6:42 Æ 1989-01-23
Peace Concert (Live In East Berlin 1988) (VHS) (2001) ß 1988-06-18
Final Fling (Bonus DVD) (2002) 7:34 ß 1988-06-18
Lyrics & Music: Stuart Adamson
Also see: The Seer
The lyrics in the liner notes to “The Seer” are actually the lyrics for “The Seer (full version)”.
“We’d like to do something now which is all about being proud of who you are and what you are about. I think everyone should be that. Songs about things which have been, things which are happening now, and things which are still to happen.” — Stuart Adamson, BBC Live In Concert.