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Harvest Home (12” single) (1982) ◆ 
The Big Country 12” Collection (Harvest Home) (1984) ◆ 
Restless Natives & Rarities (1998) 4:39 ◆ 
Singles Collection Vol. 1 - The Mercury Years (’83 - ’84) (Harvest Home) (2002) 4:37 ◆ 
The Crossing (Deluxe Edition) (2012 & 2013) 4:38 ◆ 
Essential Big Country (2020) 4:38 ◆ 
Music: Stuart Adamson
Once again I don’t know how Tony and Mark got credited in fact I don’t even think that Chris Thomas is the producer. I’m pretty sure this was done by Bruce and myself, messing around with John Leckie’s sequencer when we were doing some tracks with him. The bass part ended up as the bass part for 1000 stars. A lot of the early Big Country songs I wrote on the bass and a really naff drum machine. — Stuart Adamson, Restless Natives & Rarities liner notes
Note that subtitle “Swimming” is only used on the Harvest Home 12” single.