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Rarities II (2001) 4:39 ◆ 
Lyrics & Music: Mark Brzezicki
Eggplant was actually written by Mark. He was in an adjoining studio to the main studio that we were working in. The studio had a computer in it so he asked me to show him how it worked. The computer was an Atari 1040 which was used years ago for composing songs on. I showed Mark the basics and of he went. The result was Eggplant. The rest of us guys came in after dinner somewhat the worse for ware and proceeded to put vocals and sketches on the track. Stuart did the Mancunian accent, Tony did the rap and I played Hawaiian guitar. Mark not sure about which way to sing it just started doing a Pet shop boy accent. The song was never intended to be released and in fact there is an intro portion missing from the song on Rarities. Basically it was 4 go  daft in the studio - Bruce Watson