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No Place Like Home (1991) 5:32 ◆ 
No Place Like Home (Remaster) (1996) 5:35 ◆ 
No Place Like Home + Peace In Our Time (2003) 5:35 ◆ 
Rarities V (2003) 4:08 ◆ 
No Place Like Home (Re-Presents) (2014) 5:32 ◆ 
5 Classic Albums (No Place Like Home) (2016) 5:33 ◆ 
Lyrics & Music:Stuart Adamson
The Dynamite Lady, Alison Bly: Alison Bly is “The World’s Most Blown Up Woman” according to Guinness World Records and Guinness Records Primetime. A popular performer at fairs, professional sporting events, monster truck shows, and more, Alison has the dubious distinction of having blown herself up over 1100 times. That’s right! She climbs into a wooden, coffin-like, box rigged with explosives. Protected only by a helmet and a flimsy costume, she kneels in the box, “puts (her) head between (her) knees and kisses (her) ass goodbye” as the box is blown into thousands of pieces by a powerful blast. Alison routinely receives a concussion and powder burns from the blast, and has broken multiple bones in her career. Yet she keeps climbing back in that box, making sure her audience always gets the most BANG! for their buck. (Text and pictures from