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Guest musicians performing the parts I could not:
Tom 'SilverFox' Nordon - guitar solos on One More Drink and Not Supposed To Love You
Andy Provis - guitar solo on Queen Of My Dreams
Alan Welch - organ on One More Drink and piano on Not Supposed To Love You
Hannah Wood - backing vocals on Queen Of My Dreams and Not Supposed To Love You
Rob Strike – cello arrangement and cellos on When My Moment Comes - ideal
Simon Dobson - trumpet on La La Life Goes On.
Colin Morice - saxophone on La La Life Goes On

All tracks were written, produced, performed, programmed, mixed and mastered painstakingly @ Wobbly Studio by TB
Initial inspiration and lyric for Not Supposed To Love You by Laura Wilson

Thanks to Bridgitte Rogers for her guidance on the mixes

Photography by Jackie Butler
Additional live photography by The Welder
Orchid Image by Hadley Cash of Marriott Orchids

Many thanks to my students, tutors, staff and colleagues from Plymouth College of Further Education, Plymouth University, Launceston College (Cornwall) and North Devon College, for their encouragement and help in the world of further education since 2001

This CD was inspired by the recent loss of four very important people from the lives of me and my family

1. Overture (Going In) 2. LaLaLife Goes On
3. Kings Of A World 4. Dream Boy
5. Here's The Real World 6. One More Drink
7. An Island 8. I Don't Mind Now
9. Not Supposed To Love You 10. Hold Me Like You've Never Done Before
11. When My Moment Comes 12. No One Knows My Name
13. Queen Of My Dreams 14. Running To The Sun
15.1 Can't Let Go 16. Radical Measures
17. Underture (Coming Out)

All songs written and produced by Tony Butler
© 2005 Copyright Control Ⓟ 2005 Great West Records