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The songs contained in this CD are magic moments of my life. Times when I have locked myself away in one of the many faces of Wobbly Studios and other expensive ones as well, and just let myself be. These are demos but at the time of their making, they were for real.

Many thanks to:
Will Gosling, Mark Brzezicki, Claudia and Carol, Josh Phillips, Al Hodge, Dennis and Jon at Sawmills. lan Grant, Bruce Watson and Stuart Adamson.

The most important thanks are for the ones who have lived this and are very much part of landscape of this work. To Jackie, Alex„ Joey,.Jake and accompanying zoo - my love.

Great West Records kindly thanks you for purchasing this CD.

Tracks 1, 5, 6 and 13 were written as themes for various projects but we're never submitted due to the fact that I couldn't lie bothered.

Also available: The Great Unknown (slight return) remastered with 3 extra tracks on Track Records
The Great Unknown (original) on Great West Records. All Cd’s mastered at Wobbly Studio.

Unauthorised copying is illegal and would be a loss of revenue for me



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sun and the moon
hippy man
i love my dog
love wins the day
come on boys 
bruce is big leggy 
holier than thou
love madness
lady luck
the cenotaph
easy come easy go
all i want is me
tropical sunsets
lucky man
cry wild
so good to see you

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All compositions by Tony Butler
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