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During the halcyon days of 1979 and 1980 The Skids had arrived at a special place as a live band. For me it was what we were all about, the rush, the energy, the audience, the sound of Stuart Adamson's guitar and the two of us flying through the air on stage passing each other mid-flight, smiling with joy. This was what we had dreamed of becoming; a band who could do it live in front a big crowd.

From the opening bars of Circus Games Adamson was capable of creating an electric tension. The music was waiting to burst open, fill the room with an overwhelming sense of being alive. He was in my opinion one of the greats to come from the punk and post punk period and the ghost of him on this recording is evident on every burst from his Yamaha
guitar which created his beautiful uplifting sound.

Our friendship by the time of the last tour was finished, we had gone separate ways; He chose to stick to what he was best at song-writing and being a musician, I was on a journey of
self-discovery which was taking me further and further away from our roots.

We never ever talked about our point of departure, why it happened and why we did nothing to stop it. It seemed natural and part of our evolution as people that we would both move on to do different things. But when it came to playing live, we were as one, totally tuned into what the other would do and captivated by the sheer raw power of what we did each evening.

I loved playing live, hated the studio, and considered myself to be a limited musician but give me a stage and I could dance a Kung Fu ballet all night long. We played with our hearts on stage. Stuart had talent, bags of it, he was a special man, we were only ever equals when the lights went up and we crashed, thrashed, bashed and on occasion elegantly pushed ourselves to a dizzy height.

These live recordings capture us when in our world the only thing that mattered was making peoples hearts pump with joy.

Richard Jobson — September 2006



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Hammersmith Odeon 21/10/80
1 Circus Games
2 Out Of Town
3 Melancholy Soldiers
4 Animation
5 DuIce Et Decorum Est
(Pro Patria Mori) / Grey Parade
6 Of One Skin
7 Working For The Yankee Dollar
8 Hurry On Boys
9 A Woman In Winter
10 Charade
11 The Devils Decade
12 The Saints Are Coming
13 Happy To Be With You
14 Into The VaIley/Slop John B
15 Will Ye Go, Lassie, Go?
16 Masquerade

Glasgow Apollo 16/06/19
17 Scared To Dance
18 Charles
19 Sweet Suburbia
20 Night And Day
21 Reasons
22 TV Stars

All tracks Digital Remaster Ⓟ 2007 the copyright in this sound recording is owned by Virgin Records Ltd 2007 Virgin Records Ltd. This label copy information is the subject of copy right protectcion. All rights reserved © 2007 EMI Records Ltd.

All tracks written by Richard Jobson & Stuart Adamson and published by EMI Virgin Music Ltd except:
Tracks 1, 8 & 9 written by Richard Jobson, Stuart Adamson, Russell Webb & Mike Baillie. Published by EMI Virgin
Music Publishing / 10 Music Ltd /
BMG Music Publishing
Track 5 written by Bill Nelson, Richard Jobson and Stuart Adamson. Published by Arnakarta Publishing / EMI Virgin Music
Tracks 11 & 13 written by The Skids.
Published by EMI Virgin Music Ltd
Track 14 (part) Sloop John B trad arr Brian Wilson. Published by New Executive Music
Track 15 written by Francis McPeake. Published by The Victoria Music Publ Co Ltd
Track 18 written by Stuart Adamson. Published by EMI Virgin Music Ltd
Tracks 1-16 Live at Hammersmith Odeon
Stuart Adamson - Guitar & Vocals
Richard Jobson - Lead Vocals & Second Guitar
Russell Webb - Bass, Vocals, Bass Pedals
& Yamaha Synth
Mike Baillie-Drums
Tracks 17-22 Live at Glasgow Apollo 16/6/79 Stuart Adamson - Guitar & Vocals
Richard Jobson - Lead Vocals & Second Guitar Bill Simpson - Bass & Vocals
Tom Kellichan - Drums
Project supervised by Tim Chacksfield and coordinated by Sharon Finnie
Mixed by Peter Mew at Abbey Road - June 2006 Tape research and gig ticket by Cary Anning Sleeve Design by Gavin Wright at The Red Room
Special thanks to Richard Jobson for his sleeve notes and assistance on this release.

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