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It was the summer of '85 that the name Rafe McKenna first reared its ugly head. Ian Grant our manager and sometime procurer of cheap scud, had Tony 'the bison' Butler, Mark 'spats' Brzezicki and myself lined up for some sesion work, with Roger Daltry, trout farmer and sometime lead singer with The Who. As our singer Stuart 'hall of fame' Adamson had accidentally booked himself into a pre-fab clinic in a botched attempt to get his legs together, I decided that the Daltry session would be more productive than hanging around supermarkets plus I could pick up some angling tips for my chum Camp Smedley. I arrived at RAK Studios 10:00am prompt and set up my gear with our roadie. Les 'sadistic bastard' King. After getting a sound together he ushered the aforementioned Mr McKenna and myself upstairs to the control room where I met Alan Shacklock (producer). My job for the day was to overdub an E-bow solo on a song called 'After The Fire' a song written by Rogers an old sparring partner of Pete Townshend when he was in the fire brigade. Rafe was very young and enthusiastic at the time and I always remember our first encounter. 
"Did you bring your bagpipes with you man?" 
"Make us a cup of tea son," I replied, "And after that nip down the shops and get me 20 Embassy Regal." 
"I don't think they sell them down here in London." 
"Just get me anything then" I answered. He later came back with a store pie. 
After tea Alan went to check out his head for hairspots and ears for dead spots. It was then that Rafe had a premonition. 
"Bruce, in around 13 years time I will co-produce a new album with Big Country, it will be huge and sexy and there will be no more E-bow solos and someone called Lee who is only 3 will make the tea and the record shall be called 'McKenna's Gold'." 
"No Rafe I'm sorry but we can't let it be called that as it sounds like a movie that Gregory Peck once starred in and also any band that names their albums or God forbid the name of their group after a Gregory Peck movie must be nuts. No we must think bigger than that." 
"Alright why don't we call it 'Bon Accord'?" 
"Sounds good Rafe, that should go down well in Dundee, but what about the rest of the world?" 
"I've got it, we should call it 'Bon Scott' after Scott of Australia. No longer with us but fondly remembered. The Aussies are bound to love it." 
"I was thinking of something more European, more Continental, something with a bit of je ne sais quoi." 
"'Bon Tempi'" he squealed ecstatically. 
"'Bon Jovi'" 
"'Bon Voyage'." 
"Ah fuck it, let's call it 'Fun time in the Pocano's'!" 
"I'll tell you what Bruce, why don't you and your mates bugger off to Nashville, put on some cowboy hats, eat loads of chilli and record a four track CD to flog it on that website of yours. I am sure all the Scudders are dying to hear from shit kicking licks and let's face it the latest EP went down a storm in Scudland. Give them some more cake and let them stuff their Puss's. Bon Apetit." 

Mr. Adamson's 'literature' courtesy of 'Scud, Razzle and Whang' publications. 

Mr. Brzezicki's shoes by 'Suede Canoe' by appointment to his Majesty the Queen, manufacturers of fine flamboyant footwear. 

Mr. Butler's low end tailored and customised by Binson & Mungus, Saville Row, London. 

Mr. Watson's middle parting styled and teased to perfection by Camp Smedley and his young apprentice, Mitzi.

(Bruce Watson)

This combination of songs represent our first stab at working together again after a two year lay off. We got together in Nashville to hang out and write together. Just looking for that little spark, that magical chemistry that let us know we were a band, some 18 years ago. We jammed with acoustic guitars (all the electrics are overdubs) and a small drum kit in a little country music rehearsal studio. Playing old songs, new songs, just shooting the shit being musicians and re-united friends. We hung out together. I had everyone in for dinner. Somehow, Tony managed to get arrested. I drove everyone around too fast in my dumb-ass muscle car. Hey hey we're Big Country. It was rejuvenating, so we recorded it, around the corner from my house. 

It's a little tentative, a bit shy. But look there, in the songs, in the feel of a band, isn't that chemistry........... 

Bon Apetit!


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