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Much more than miles between Moscow and Los Angeles, Snapshot L.A. Space. Space to play, space for big ideas. Room for big cars, big homes, big people. California dreaming. I recognise this from movies. Anything you want on a stick coming right up sir. Thank you. I’ll have a motorbike, a surfboard, lots of sun and the weekend free. The lure of the West is very strong. Slow pan and fade to… Moscow. 1988. Gorbachev, Peristroika. A new freedom. The same security force. Endless concrete apartment blocks. Suspicion. Shortages. Money changers. Hard currency hypocrisy. All the cliches come alive. Nothing has prepared me for this. No connections. A brand new thrill. The air thick with the fear of change and the need for it. Living black and white.

You know the words but not what I’m saying. My gestures are alien, unrecognisable. I hope they’re videoing this. What a glorious futility. The last war of attrition. Levis and Coca Cola Vs. Smokin’ Joe Stalin, winner to be decided by a copout.

Brought to you by those friendly folks in lumpy suits. Well, at least it made the papers for a week.

-Stuart Adamson


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Stuart Adamson — Vocals, Guitars, E-bow
Mark Brzezicki — Drums and Percussion
Tony Butler— Bass, Vocals, Guitar
Bruce Watson— Guitars, Mandolin, Sitar, Mouth Organ, E-bow

Keyboards: Peter Wolf
Additional Vocals: Merry Clayton, Ina Wolf, Donna Davidson, Maxi Anderson
Live Keyboards: Josh Phillips Gorse

1. King of Emotion 4:50
Ⓟ 1988 Mercury Records Ltd. (London)
2. Broken Heart (Thirteen Valleys) 5:10
Ⓟ 1988 Mercury Records Ltd. (London)
3. Thousand Yard Stare 3:52
Ⓟ 1988 Mercury Records Ltd. (London)
4. From Here To Eternity 4:54
Ⓟ 1988 Mercury Records Ltd. (London)
5. Everything I Need 4:39
Ⓟ 1988 Mercury Records Ltd. (London)
6. Peace In Our Time 4:34
Ⓟ 1988 Mercury Records Ltd (London)
7. Time For Leaving 5:01
Ⓟ 1988 Mercury Records Ltd. (London)
8. River of Hope 4:29
Ⓟ 1988 Mercury Records Ltd. (London)
9. In This Place 4:21
Ⓟ 1988 Mercury Records Ltd. (London)
10. I Could Be Happy Here 4:28
Ⓟ 1988 Mercury Records Ltd. (London)
11. The Travellers 3:13
Ⓟ 1996 Mercury Records Ltd. (London)
12. When The Drum Beats 5:01
Ⓟ 1996 Mercury Records Ltd. (London)
13. Starred And Crossed 4:25
Ⓟ 1996 Mercury Records Ltd. (London)
14. Longest Day 6:36
Ⓟ 1996 Mercury Records Ltd. (London)

Music and lyrics by Stuart Adamson except:
Track 3 & 10: Music by Stuart Adamson and Bruce Watson.
Track 7: Music by Stuart Adamson, Mark Brzezicki, Tony Butler and Bruce Watson. Track 13: lyrics by Stuart Adamson. Music by Stuart Adamson and Bruce Watson.
Published by EMI / 10 Music Ltd.

Original Sleeve Design: Paul Harrison
Design Concept: Paul Harrison/Ian Grant
Front Cover Photography: Carol Sharp
Inside Cover Photography: Terry O'Neill

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Ian Grant Management

Produced by Peter Wolf
Except: Tracks 11,12,13 and 14 Produced by Big Country
Engineers: Brian Malouf, Jeremy Smith
Assistant Engineers: Gonzalo Espinoza, Jeff Poe, Kristen Connolly
Mixed By: Brian Malouf