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As a fan of country music and a resident in country music central, it would seem fitting to have your group record in an area as auspicious as 'music row in Nashville. For this was an ambition of Stuart Adamson. This is an area of Nashville that has spawned some of the most commercially successful recordings... ever. The opportunity arose when Ian Grant requested a recording that could be used as radio sessions whenever the band were unable to physically attend a radio station during the album promo period. Recorded in the style of a radio session, the performances are basically live with minimal overdubs, just like the old days. It just so happened that the band were in nashville shooting a video for 'fragile thing' at the time. A dream realised and commitment fulfilled. Very rarely have the twin met. Yo!

Tony Butler in 2000 on recording the last 6 of the bonus tracks.


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Stuart Adamson : Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin, Slide, Moog.
Mark Brzezicki: Drums, Vocals, Programming.
Tony Butler: Bass, Vocals, Vibe.
Bruce Watson: Guitar, Mandolin, Sitar, Slide.
Produced by Rafe McKenna and Big Country. Recorded and mixed by Rafe McKenna at Rockfield Studios. Assisted by Lee 'Capn' Butler. Mastered by Tim Young at Metropolis.

Additional Musicians:
Eddi Reader: Backing Vocals
Sally Herbert: String Arrangements
Kirsten Adamson: Backing Vocals
Josh Phillips: Keyboards.
Rowan Stigner aka Loop Skywalker: Drum loops.
Rafe McKenna: Backing Vocals.

Sally Herbert, Jules Singleton, Anne Stephenson, Ginni Ball, Claire Orsler, Dinah Beamish.

Main Frame Studio Nashville, USA: Nathan Smith. House in the Woods Studio, England: Simon Milton. Stanbridges, England: Mark Alberici

Thanks To
Ron Manigley. Charles, Sandra, Bridget and Colette at Monnow Valley Studio. Kingsley, Ann, Lisa, Amend, Gavin, Val, Hannah and Emily at Rockfield Studios, Monmouth, South Wales. Food of the Gods prepared and cooked to perfection by Jim Woods. Duck and all at Sound Control, Dunfermline. Ray, Big Joe, Jim, Jake and all at TNL. Charlie, Mick, Keith and Ron. John Giddings and all at Solo. David Gentle. Lester Dales. Tony Powell, Lisa Bardsley and all at Pinnacle. Julian Spear and Justin Coombes at Red Shadow. Steve Tandy and all at Intermedia. Bill Kenwright, Brett Finnigan. James Grant. David Baker. Bob Fisher. Fiona Davies. Melanie Shelley and Angela at Trim. Styling by Becky Daniels. Alice at CD Systems. All the Scudders on the website. ESP Takemine, Fender, Patrick Eggle and Moon guitars. Pearl drums and Zildjian cymbals. Roland UK, Aubrey Parsons. Marshall, Mesa/Boogie and Peavey amplification. Photography: Jim Herrington. Design & Art Direction: JP3 for Playground Art. Additional artwork for this release- RA

Management - Ian Grant.
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