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It all begins with a sound in your head, a disarray of word and music, an awareness of something coming to the surface. Small pieces occasionally break through but the whole is a mystery. Take the mood, the emotion, the passion for it and make it live. Focus it all, crystalize the essence of it, let it become a living thing, share it. The music I felt wasn’t like the music I had grown up hearing, or rather, not like any one of them. It was all of them jumbled up and drawn into something I could understand as mine.

I found I could play this music and connect the guitar directly to my heart. I found others who could make he same connection, who could see the music as well as play it.

The sound made pictures. It spread out wide landscapes. Great dramas were played out under its turbulent skies. There was romance and reality, truth and dare. People being people, no heroes just you and me, like it always is.

The music told stories, little stories. Lands were not conquered, treasure was left in the tombs, the magic was in the everyday. We learned how we are together and how we come apart. Life happens.

-Stuart Adamson


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Bruce Watson: Guitars, E-Bow, Vocals
Stuart Adamson: Vocals, Guitars, E-bow, Piano
Tony Butler: Bass Guitars, Vocals
Mark Brzezicki: Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Additional Vocals by Christine Beveridge

All Tracks produced by Steve Lillywhite
Engineered by Will Gosling
Assisted by Steve Chase & Mike Nocito

All Fall Together Produced by Big Country Mixed by Jimmy Iovine
Angle Park Produced by Steve Churchyard and Big Country

Recorded at the Manor and Rak Studios
May 1983
Photo by Paul Cox
Original sleeve design by J. B. & Q. Branch

Management Ian Grant Management
Reissue Supervised by Bill Levenson
Remastered by Suha Gur at Universal Mastering Studios — East, August 2001
Reissue Design: Jodi Cohen
Reissue Production Coordinator: Monique Mcguffin
Big Country - the Crossing Was Originally Released August 1983.

The Crossing
1. In A Big Country 4.42
2. Inwards 4.34
3. Chance 4.26
4. 1000 Stars 3.50
5. The Storm 6.19
6. Harvest Home 4.19
7. Lost Patrol 4.51
8. Close Action 4.15
9. Fields of Fire 3.31
10. Porrohman 7.49
additional material:
Wonderland EP (US Version):
11. Wonderland 3.56
12. All Fall Together (Jimmy Iovine Remx) 5:13
13. Angle Park 4.06
14. The Crossing 7.07
15. Chance Re-Recorded Single Version 4.37

All Titles written by Big Country
except Angle ParkLyrics & Music by Stuart Adamson / Bruce Watson
All tracks Ⓟ 1983 Mercury Records Ltd.
except tracks 11-15 Ⓟ 1984 Mercury Records Ltd.