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1. Inwards (Adamson, Butler, Brzezicki,Watson)
2. River Of Hope (Adamson)
3. We're Not In Kansas (Adamson)
4. Dive Into Me (Adamson, Butler. Brzezicki,Watson)
5. Keep On Dreaming {Adamson)
6. Steeltown (Adamson. Butler, Brzezicki, Watson)
7. 1000 Yard Stare (Adamson,Watson)
8. Republican Party Reptile (Adamson/Watson)
9. The Hostage Speaks (Adamson, Butler,Watson)
10. The President Slipped and Fell (Adamson, Butler, Brzezicki,Watson)
11. Leap Of Faith (Adamson)

All lyrics by Stuart Adamson apart from Republican Party Reptile which is also by Bruce Watson. All music as per parenthesis.

Publishing info;
Tracks 1,2,16,7.8,9,11 published by EMI Music Ltd.
Tracks 4,10 published by Track Music Ltd
Tracks 5 copyright control
Artwork by - Ra