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Big Country are :-
Stuart Adamson - Guitar and Vocals
Mark Brzezicki - Drums** and b/vocals
Tony Butler - Bass Guitar and b/vocals
Bruce Watson - Guitar and vocals
** Except where mentioned on pages 4 & 5
Mastered by - Tony Butler
Compiled by - Bruce Watson
Management - Ian Grant
Artwork by - Ra

What Makes A Man 5.01
** Chris Smith
Crazytimes 4.31
Eastworld 4.30
Celtic Dream      6.02
** Pat Ahern
Never Take Your Place 3.59
** Chris Smith
Lone Star 5.18
** Pat Ahern
Trouble The Waters 4.32
** Drum machine
Hardly A Mountain 6.33
** Pat Ahern
I Feel Fine 3.01
Christmas Island 6.38
Soul On Fire 5.06
**Chris Smith
Secret Angel Man 3.31
**Pat Ahern
Eggplant 4.37
The Long Road 4.22
You Want Me To Go 4.46
** Chris Smith
All Songs Published By "Fasttune Ltd"
Total Running Time 73.05

All postal enquiries - :
Country Club PO Box 107 South Godstone Redhill



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Working with different drummers after being a solid unit for so many years was also going to be testing. 
The various tracks that feature Chris Smith, a mate of Stuart and Bruce's from Scotland and Pat Ahern, an old colleague of mine from times past, show what a considerable hole Mark left us to fill, but they brought their own identities to the tracks, as did Mark. 
But as this mixed set of rare recordings show, the ambition to forge ahead was still very much in evidence. 
Experimentation and lunacy were very much on the menu as well as the more serious writings during these era's.

Tony Butler - February 2001