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Big Country 2011
Tony Butler- Bass Guitar and Vocals
Mark Brzezicki - Drums arid-vocals
Bruce Watson Guitar and vocals
Mike Peters – Vocals and guitar
Jamie Watson - Guitar and vocals
Manager-Ian Grant
Mixed and Mastered by Tony Butler
Artwork by Ra
Photography by Fishbones Glover, Kevin Howard & Andy Labrow
'On the road' Big Country would like to thank
Stage manager - Ron Manigley
Drum tech - James Grant
Guitar tech - Oli Powell
Sound Engineer - Alan Morrison
Merchandisers - Debbie Grant & Willie Tocher
Transport - Stage Hire Scotland Ltd
PR - Dave Clarke
Off the road special thanks for services provided in 2011
Simon Moran & all at SJM
Denis Desmond & all at MCD

This concert - promoted by DF Concerts - special thanks to
Geoff Ellis, Dave McGeaghan and all reps and office staff
Merchandise -Thanks to Roy & Roger at Noise
Distribution – Thanks to Nigel and Colin and all at Active Media and Universal

01. 1000 Stars
02. Harvest Home
03. Driving To Damascus
04. The Teacher
05. lust A Shadow
06. Look Away
07. Never Take Your Place
08. Porroh Man
09. Inwards
10. East Of Eden II. Steeltown

01. The Storm
02. Where The Rose Is Sown
03. Wonderland
04. Fields Of Fire
05. Lost Patrol
06. Chance
07. Restless Natives
08. In A Big Country
+DVD extras
01. Filmed Inteview With The Band
02. Photo Gallery
03. Fan Roll Call


Filmed, Edited and Produced by Aderra Ltd, UK. Produced and Directed Paul M Green Editing Authoring & Post Production Tom Grimshaw Artwork RA Cameramen Anthony Graham (Jimmy Jib Crane), Bob Carnegie, Jonny Brady, Steven Cassidy, Shu Lorimer and Neil MacLean
Production Staff Alfie Warnham Concert Sound Recording Aderra Audio Aderra would like to thank the management and staff at the HMV Picture House, Edinburgh for all of their cooperation with the filming of this DVD.

Main Soundtrack 0 English, Stereo
Disc Format – Single sided Dual Layer – DVD 9

NTSC- All regions  (NB your TV has to be compatible, most recent ones are)

Ⓟ2011 Fastune Ltd t/a Track Records/Big Country  ©2011 Fastune Ltd t/a Track Records/Big Country. All Rights of the producer and copyright owner reserved. Unauthorized copying. re-recording, broadcasting, public performance, hiring or rental of this recording in whatever manner s strictly prohibited. In the UK apply for public performance and broadcast licenses to Phonographic Performance limited, 1 Upper James Street. London W1F 9DE



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Al Bayliss
Alan Gibson
Alan Morrison
Alan Simpson
Alan Stewart
Alec Cummings
Allan Dick
Allan Heron
Allan Kerr
Amanda Giddens
Andre Drescher
Andrew Ball
Andrew Davidson
Andrew Foott
Andrew Inkster
Andrew Patrick
Andrew Skinner
Andy McEwing
Andy Rickeard
Angelina Peaker
Antonello Tavaris
Antonio Luongo
Antony Greatbanks
Ari Tuomikoski
Arjan Den Boer
Arlin Bartels
Armin Knoller
Art and Danielle Love
Arthur Watson
Ben Lockyer
Ben Preston
Billy Pullar
Bram Van Aarle
Brian Cameron
Brian Crockford
Bryan Sanderson
Calum Macpherson
Carolyn Chalton
Charles Goin
Chris Darbon
Chris Horne
Chris Lancaster
Christopher Stephenson
Ciaran Dunne
Claire Finch
Clive Oliver
Colin Moyes
Colin Elliston
Colin Farrell
Craig Hannah
Craig White
Crawford Bunney
Cris Hart
Daniel Cullen
Daniel Fox
Darren & Shula Whiteley
Darren and Clair Hinton
Darren Davey
Darryl Williams RIP
Dave Beck
Dave Jones
Dave Teg
Dave Watson
David Booth
David Cairney
David Cook
David Edwards
David Gaff
David Garner
David Hartopp
David Hedgecock
David Jenkins
David Kelly
David Robb
David Wright
Dek Rorie
Derek Phillips
Derek J Barrow
Donald Simpson
Doug Matthews
Doug Mitchell
Dougie Hunter
Dwayne Bunney
Eddie Evans
Edward Firth
Eric Brient
Eric Chen
Eric Devries
Eric McMurchy
Fabio Carollo
Fiona Sutherland
Francesco Micozzi
Fraser Bathgate
Fraser Robertson
Frazer Henderson
Freddy Strang
Garry Bower
Gary & Karen Barrett
Gary Foster
Gary Greenwood
Gary Sullivan
Gerry Sutherland
Gordon Hannah
Gordon Simpson
Gordon Tosh
Graeme Patrick
Graham Fisher
Graham McIntosh
Greg Watkins
Harry Baxter
Heiko Wendeler
Helen Coulthard
Hudson Deans
Hugh Mackie
Iain Beaton
Iain McLean
Iain Scott
Ian Beckerson
Ian Ferguson
Ian Gelder
Ian Harvey
Ian Shanks
Ian Sneddon
Ian Twyford
Ian Ward-myers
Ilona Busch
Ingo Hey
Jacque Lawlor
James McConnell
Jan Ploeger
Jari Hirvonen
Jason Ray
Jeff Clark
Jennifer Freeman
Jennifer Sneddon
Jim Cumming
Johannes Baagoe-nielsen
John Edgar
John Balmer
John Cole
John Gordon
John Gouveia
John Hooley
John Hume
John Kellett
John Lewis
John McDonald
John McEwan
John Parrack
John Porter
John Tollervey
Jon Martin
Jon Moody
Jon Percy
Jon Sanderson
Justine Austin
Kaye Morley
Keith G. Byrne
Keith Lewington
Keith Potts
Keith Potts
Kenneth McCombie
Kenny Hamilton
Kenny Henderson
Kenny Lang
Keri James Walters
Kevin Wright
Laurie Wood
Lee Bennett
Lee Collins
Lee Downing
Liz Wright
Malcolm Brown
Mandy Robinson
Marcello Scorsolini
Margaret-jane Ireland
Mark Draper
Mark Entwistle
Mark Griffin
Mark Haigh
Mark Hargreaves
Mark Meakin
Mark Rattray
Mark Syme
Mark Wilson
Martin Paul Rutherford
Martin Porter
Martin Zabel
Martyn Alford
Matt Wallace
Matthew Dyer
Matthias Pirch
Mattias Engvall
Mazz Nicholas
Michael Andersen
Michael Collins
Michael Stocks
Michael Tye
Michelle Taylor
Mike Bickley
Mike Charnock
Morag Allan
Murray Hall
Neil Malcolm
Neil White
Neil Williams
Nick Hyde
Okke Bloem
Olaf Warwel
Oliver Schlegel
Patrick Ryan
Paul Bratley
Paul Diperna
Paul Goodman
Paul Harbour
Paul Hodgson
Paul McPhilemy
Paul Radcliffe
Paul Sampson
Paul Thomson
Paul Tomlin
Paul Wilson
Pauline McAinsh
Pete McCollum
Peter Griffiths
Peter Hornberg
Peter Wilson
Raymond Wawrzyniak
Richard Jackson
Richard Spalding
Richard Try
Rob Hamlin
Robert Laversuch
Robert Sensale
Robert Staedter
Roger Cumberbatch
Ron Hutchison
Ronnie Deacon
Ross Campbell
Ross Howden
Ross McPhee
Rossella Di Nuzzo
Ruth Witcombe
Sally Gill
Scot Irving
Scott Geekie
Scott Goldie
Scott Harding
Scott Mitchell
Shirley & Alfie
Michael Hobbs
Simo Neiglick
Stephen Roche
Stephen Westley
Steven Fyfe
Steven Gilliland
Steven Matthews
Steven Wilson
Stevie Brannigan
Stewart Mallett
Stuart Arnott
Stuart Christie
Stuart Mckay
Stuart Menzies
Stuart Provan
Stuart West
Sue Murkowski
Sylvia Botma
Sylvie Lajugie
Teemu Ohman
Thomas Noble
Tim Preston
Tom Paxton
Toshio Nakada
Tracey Wilson
Trevor Jones
Trevor Rabet
Vic Griswold
William Wallace
Wullie Whitton




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Big Country 2011 are
Tony Butler - Bass Guitar and vocals
Mark Brzezicki - Drums and vocals
Bruce Watson - Guitar and vocals
Mike Peters - Vocals and guitar
Jamie Watson - Guitar and vocals .

Manager - lan Grant

Music mixed and mastered by Tony Butler

Stage manager - Ron Manigley
Drum tech - James Grant
Guitar tech - Oli Powell
Front of House sound engineer - Alan Morrison

Filmed, Edited and Produced by Aderra Media Technologies

Produced and Directed
Paul M Green Editing

DVD Authoring & Post Production
Tom Grimshaw

Anthony Graham (Jimmy Jib Crane)
Bob Carnegie
Jonny Brady
Steven Cassidy
Shu Lorimer
Neil MacLean

Production Staff
Alfie Warnham

Concert Sound Recording
Aderra Audio