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Album Credits:
Tony Butler — Bass Guitar and Backing Vocals
Mark Brzezicki — Drums/Percussion and Backing Vocals
Stuart Adamson — Guitars, E-bow and Vocals
Bruce Watson — Guitars, E-Bow and Backing Vocals

DVD Credits:
Executive Producers: John Trickett, Jeff Dean and Bob Michaels
5.1 Mix: Gustavo Bonet
5.1 Mastering: 5.1 Production Services
Product Development: Vicki F. Crawford
Photography by: Ebet Roberts © 2003
Research Consultant: Andy Shernoff
Authoring: Eddie Escalante at 5.1 Production Services
Quality Control: Randy Glenn
Voice-Over Talent: Jannelle Guillot
5.1 Thanks: Melissa Boag, Jacqui Chazen, Deanna Cohen,
Shannon Myers, Donna Ross, Alex Torres and Pat and Tom Trickett.

1. Porroh Man
2. Drown In My Tears
3. Fields Of Fire
4. Inwards
5. Harvest Home
6. Close Action 1. 1,000 Stars
8. Angle Park
9. lost Patrol
10. The Storm
11. Wonderland
12. Dundonald a Dysart Pipe Band Sequence
13. Chance
14. In A Big Country / Auld Lang Syne

•             24 hit/96 kHz DVD-Audio and 241111/48 kHz Dolby Digital 5.1 options
•             Stunning 5.1 surround sound
•             Artist Photos
•             Plays on ALL DVD players

Dolby Digital DVD Music contain' up to 5.1 channels of discrete audio. Playback from 2-  
channel DVD player outputs Is compatible with stereo and Dolby Pro Logic reproduction

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