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I had the luxury of having a live video to refer to whilst mastering this CD. It also jogged my currently perforated memory as to the events of the evening.

I do not find it easy to remember individual gigs and the surrounding atmosphere, but seeing and listening to this gave me a pleasant surprise. Like the 'Stones', we were sometimes tighter than a duck's rear but on other occasions. looser than a flag on a pole in the wind. This gig had both. The rain and wind was a factor that made the adversity factor even greater.

I am writing this after the tragic loss of our Stuart Adamson. On this CD you won't hear him playing his absolute best, you will hear him having a large time. If you have video, you will see him looking as much a rock star as he ever did.

For those of you who braved that wet evening in Karlsruhe, this is a cool aural memory………… for us all.
Tony Butler 2002

NB There is a little digital distortion during Ships. This is on the original master and must be due to the weather conditions on the night of recording.



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Stuart Adamson - Guitar and Vocals
Mark Brzezicki - Drums and Backing Vocals
Tony Butler - Bass and Backing Vocals
Bruce Watson - Guitar