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1. In A Big Country (Adamson, Butler. Brzezicki. Watson)*
2. Chance (Adamson, Butler. Brzezicki. Watson)*
3. Fields Of Fire (Adamson, Butler. Brzezicki. Watson)*
4. Wonderland (Adamson, Butler. Brzezicki. Watson)*
5. Look Away (Adamson)*
6. Ships (Words: S.Adamson, Music: S.Adamson!B.Watson)***
7. Gods Great Mistake (Adamson, Butler)**
8. Driving To Damascus (Adamson, Brzezicki. Watson)**
9. Trouble The Waters (Adamson, Brzezicki. Watson)**
10. Fragile Thing (Adamson, Watson)**

PLUS 5 BONUS TRACKS: Tony Butler - Dreamboy (Butler], Bruce Watson - Ghosts (Do You Believe In) [Watson], Four Good Men - Heart Of Wonder (Donaldson, Forbes, Watson), Ahab - Avenues (C. Adamson/Burn), Big Country - Pan American Irish Girl, (Adamson)
From the Albums: Rarities IV, Driving To Damascus, Dast Fest, Came Up Screaming, Rarities VIII
*EMI Music Publishing Ltd, **Copyright, ***Track Music Ltd Management - Ian Grant Mgmt.
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