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One night, many years ago in Detroit Michigan, we (BC) began a routine soundcheck when Blam! the power went off. The venue staff eventually restored power but we were presented with a new problem. 
In an adjacent building was a local radio station, pumping out its tunes, unfortunately through our backline. This time the venue staff were unable to work their magic. So, we decided to play the gig acoustically. Completely unrehearsed. It was an adventurous gig but a hugely successful one, but demonstrated the importance of being able to play songs that worked on an emotional level, whether electrically or acoustically. The power of a good song does not necessarily come from a wall socket. 
Unfortunately, that particular gig was not recorded, but the selection on this CD are from a variety of sources, some live, some radio and studio. The unplugged concept was something that BC engaged in long before it became hip. It was the perfect promotional tool. To go to radio stations and perpetually talk about yourself was a chore but became a little more bearable when 95% of an interview was an acoustic session. 
The title of this album is dedicated to that night in Detroit Michigan. It was definitely ONE IN A MILLION. 
Tony Butler


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1.One In A Million (Adamson)
2.Long Way Home (Adamson)
3.King Of Emotion (Adamson)
4.All Go Together (Adamson/Watson)
5.Post Nuclear Talking Blues (Adamson,Brzezicki,Butler)
6.You Dreamer (Adamson)
7.I'm Not Ashamed (Adamson)
8.Peace In Our Time (Adamson)
9.Just A Shadow (Adamson,Brzezicki,Butler,Watson)
10.Thirteen Valleys (Adamson)
11.The Storm (Adamson,Brzezicki,Butler,Watson)
12.Magic In Your Eyes (Adamson)
13.In A Big Country (Adamson,Brzezicki,Butler,Watson)
14.Daystar (Adamson)
15.I'm On This Train (Adamson)
16. Ships (Adamson/Watson)
17.We're Not In Kansas (Adamson)

Tracks - 2,3,4,8,9,10,11,13,16,17 Published by EMI/ 10 Music Lt
Tracks - 1,5,6,7,12,14,15 Published by Track Music Ltd/Universal Music Ltd

Big Country are:
Stuart Adamson - Guitar & Vocals
Mark Brzezicki - Drums & B/vocals
Tony Butler - Bass & B/vocals
Bruce Watson - Guitar

Compiled by : Tony Butler & Ian Grant
Mastered by: Wobbly Digital Mastering, Cornwall
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