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This is a band that I not only feel extremely proud to be a part of, but continue to do so and truly feel that this CD shows there is so much more to give musically between the three of us. We were very fortunate to have Pete Brown produce this album, and this is a snapshot of were we are right now, it was just like the old days with all of us being very creative with contributions, just like in the spirit of Big Country one would expect. 
To me, this is more of a tast of things to come. 
Time has changed things but the band has and will continue to evolve and this album signals a new potenial and a continuation of the bands journey. Big Country is one big journey. We often took the scenic route, which was more fulfilling, and rewarding than the arrival. 
To be continued, 
Mark Brzezicki - 2008

After Bruce, mark and I had rehearsed a few times, to prepare ourselves for the 25th anniversary gigs, I had taken a more keen interest in some songs I had been writing, songs that I really had no ambition for. Playing with the guys made me re-focus on them, and I began hearing them with new ears. 

A Time So Wild became my tribute to the hey day of Big Country, a time when we all really enjoyed what we were doing and the fruits of our reason for being a group. 

When the three of us started jamming new stuff, I (and I'm sure they felt it too) felt the old creative juices flowing again. I immediately set about writing lyrics and melodies to the new ideas (we recorded the jams on my laptop and I took them home to develop them), Bruce also took the material home to develop in the same way. Coming back together to put the finished ideas in a live band form, was the closest thing to exciting I believe we all had felt since making Driving To Damascus. 

Working with Pete Brown was not a too dissimilar experience to working with Steve Lillywhite. he worked with us with a determined professionalism and sympathetic touch. He worked ua all very hard to come up with what you hear on this EP. This is an EP because it is a statement of a time. It's in our name because it is the 3 of us. 

ps, working at Joe Browns' studio and meeting him was awesome. 

Tony Butler - October 2008

25 years, what a scary thought. 19 years touring and recording and 6 out in the wilderness playing with other friends. Plans were afoot to celebrate Big Country's Anniversary. We decided to keep the line-up original with no session players or additional musicians. There were discussions about special guests but there is no way we would replace Stuart. Tony decided to do lead vocals and I would amalgamate Stuart's guitar parts with my own. Mark had more backing vocals to do as well as drum duties. 

We rehearsed at the Substation in Rosyth and after kicking around the back catalogue we started jamming new material, which you are listening to now. As usual the music came naturally and we nailed them pretty quick. The 5 songs were recorded with Pete Brown just a few miles from the T in the Park festival in a remote place called Path Of Condie. Mark and Tony completed the vocals down south then left Pete to get on with the mix. By this time we started playing our weekend Anniversary shows which ended up in true Big Country fashion in Glasgow during the festive period. We kept our stage positions the same as we always did and kept centre stage empty on purpose. It was great meeting fans who had travelled from all over the world to attend the shows. These will never happen again but as a have learned from experience, there's always something round the corner. 

Bruce Watson - 2008


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Many thanks to these folk for their support over the years 
Robert Laversuch
Robb Carter
Mazz Nicholas
Scott McK
Ian Golder
Kent Gustafsson
Wullie Whitton
Doug Mitchell
Andrew Skinner
Christina Olalla
Ian Bruce
Martin Hetherington
John Gouveia
Ian Bambridge
Steven Crutchley
Mark Stubbs
Salvatore Giordano
Mattias Envgall
Sean McCarney
Gerard Kerin
Massimo Birolo
Tom Irwin
Liam Eaton
David Booth
Simon Jewell
Allan Smith
Julie Inglis
Ove Christianssen
Mark Wilson
Roger Millington
Christer Ottling
Fraser Robertson
Rob Scott
Gavin Boyle
Allister Girvin
Martin Zabel
Richard Marcil, Jr.
Stephen Willard
Alan McInnes
Henning Knoppe
Graeme Furness
Jon Martin
Dave Fisher
Ian Ward-myers
Michale Stocks
Barry Gray
Andrew Gillanders
Mark Challinor
Oliver Schlegel
Lisa Huddle
Jason Epperson
Patrick Marchant
David Cairney
Steven Wilson
Graham Rodger
Raymond Minty
Paul Diperna
John McKinstry
Gordon & Jody Hannah
Janet Helenius
Roger Cumberbatch
Alan Wiltshire
Mark L'estrange
Lisa Gassin
Alec Cummings
Iain Mc Gowan
John Rumley
David Wright
Mark Kimberly
Alan Brown
Jon Sanderson
Stephen Strong
Rafael Muntan
Mark Entwistle
Eric Bertholin
Stuart Arnott
Jochen Reitz
Andreas Narr
Tim Brown
William Dalgliesh
Richard Bateman
Kyle Calvert
Chris Lancaster
Rab Campbell
Jj Mullen
Marcel Smid
Giancarlo Bolther
Neil Taylor
Jon Richard
Jonathan McKernie
Tuomas Tuomi Nikular
Paul Horsburgh
Jonas Danbrink



Gordon Smith
John Gordon
David Sansoni
Christopher Poolman
Simon Cheney
Yin Cheong Yee
Trevor Rabet
Paul Bratley
Adrian Nugara
Michelle Taylor
Jeroen Sprenkeler
Carl Allen
Peter Biggs
Barry Rands
Kev Birch
Vicki "on Maui" Dennis
Stephen Strong
Michael Colby
Julie Forster
Dave Cook
Wayne Sadlier
Caroline Rutter
Blair Millar
Graham Goodall
Nicole Winterfeldt
Malcolm Quick
Ruth Flynn
Adrian Bent
David Hardwick
Gordon Tosh
Tracy Wood
Yvonne Spencer
Dave Medley
Mark Wright
Chris Barnes
Ruth Witcombe
Matt Wallace
Lars Geiger
Jane Labaree
Jon Percy
Richard Freeth
Andy Inkster
Michael Mcauley
John McDonald
Carsten Ihede
Colm McAuley
Jason Moreton
Mark Dunne-willows
Michale Wallack
Michael Strong
John & Sarah King
Paul Tomlin
Alan Hayes
Barbara Sproates
R.J. Fortuin
Jonathan Bibby
Dougie Hunter
Kenny Murphy
Keith G Byrne
Armin Knoller
Anthony Fahey
Antony Greatbanks
David McDougall
Paul Kelly
Sascha Noack
Frances McClatchie
Ben Preston
Simo Neiglick
Calum McDonald
Craig Morgan
E Greenhalgh
Dwayne Bunney
Thomas Baeck
Kev Wright
Mark Pettit
Angelini Leonardo
Terena Savage
Neil White
Deborah Burke
Kenny Henderson
Eman Lee Ramos
Thomas Finlay
Karl Matschy
Paul Tidswell
David Jones
Trina Cook
Trevor Milburn
Ian Wallace
Christina Codd
Damian Doyle
Martyn Alford
Neil Ansell
Jonathan Woolas
Mick Rooker
Paul H. Mallinson
Vernocchi Emiliano
Katie Smith
Brian Bell
Richard Pearce



Andreas Meske
Allan Kerr
Kester Devine
Linda Rogers
Keith Jones
Andrew Jones
Art Love
Rachel Marrison
Alan Bayliss
John E Wilbur
Tom Elliot
Paul Thomson
Jim Mortimer
Stphen Morris
Gordon Morris
Donna Higgs
Justin Keaney
Andy Lenihan
Rachel & Mikey Summers
Martin Third
John Wallace
Martin Brookes
Garry Bower
Marcello Scorsolini
Barry Clements
John E Wilbur
Duncan Goodfellow
Anke Voltmer
Greg Watkins
Stuart Christie
Dean & Eva Measor
Robert G Hunt
Andy Thompson
Lorraine Park
Jeff Clark
Paul Williams
Susanne Radford
Paul Clarke
Peter Roche
Matt Toal
Steve Richardson
Peter Burchell
Steve Lund
Duncan Mackerness
Ralf-Erik Sjöström
Stephen Keenan
Chris Abela
David Edwards
Cal DeRemer


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Management - Ian Grant Management
Recorded, co-produced and mastered - Pete Brown
Artwork - Ra
Photography - Kirsty Grant
Thanks to Willie Tocher, Derek Hagger, Alan Morrison, Jamie Watson, Debbie & James Grant and all those who worked with us in 2007
All songs written by Mark Brzezicki, Tony Butler, Bruce Watson.
Publishing - Copyright Control

Mark Brzezicki
Drums and vocals

Tony Butler
Bass Guitar and vocals

Bruce Watson
Guitar and vocals -

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© 2008 Fastune Ltd t/a Track Records (under license from Brzezicki. Butler, Watson)
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