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No Place Like Bonn (2001) 5:15 ß 1991-09-06
Live At Rockpalast 1986 & 1991 (Bonn) (2018) 5:32 ß 1991-09-06
Country Club Convention 1991 (1992) Р1991-08-31
Rockpalast (Bonn) (DVD) (2005) 6:07 ß 1991-09-06
Live At Rockpalast 1986 & 1991 (Bonn) (2018) 5:35 ß 1991-09-06
Lyrics and Music: McKinley Morganfield (aka Muddy Waters), Mel London, & Ellas McDaniel (aka Bo Diddley)
Original artist: Muddy Waters
The Muddy Waters song “Mannish Boy” is almost identical to the Bo Diddley song “I’m A Man”. Bo Diddley had a chart success with this in 1955, and it seem the record company decided to cash in by releasing a similar record. At the time, Bo Diddley did not seem to object -- He was given a shared writing credit -- but Bo Diddley later claimed sole authorship.