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In A Broken Promise Land (2013) ◆ 
Instrumental recording played as band entered stage in December 2012 and throughout most of 2013 ◆ 
Also performed live by Stuart Adamson with Richard Jobson at Glasgow’s St. George’s Square 31 December 1989
Music: Roy Williamson of “The Corries”
© Corries Music Ltd
This song commemorates the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314 when the Scottish Army under Robert I (the Bruce) King of Scots defeated Edward II, King of England. This ended the English rule of Scotland. Ironically in 1603 Elizabeth I died childless and her second cousin James VI, King of Scots, ascended to the English throne, thus gaining by marriage what what force of arms could not.
Roy Williamson and Ronnie Browne played together as The Corries for 28 years, until Roy died in 1990.