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Live In Germany ’95 (DVD) (extras) (2005) 9:49 ß 1995-08-21
First verse (Smokestack Lightnin’):
Lyrics & Music: Chester Burnett (aka Howlin’ Wolf
Original artist: Howlin’ Wolf
Second verse (Jean Genie):
Lyrics & Music: David Bowie
Original artist: David Bowie
‘Broken String Blues’ is a generic term first used by Blues artists for the time during a performance when a guitar string breaks and the other members of the band continue to play while the affected artist replaces the string, as is demonstrated by Stuart during the show recorded at the Jazzhaus in Freiburg, Germany 21 August 1995. During the interlude, Stuart gives a short history of the Blues and its influence on other artists. The majority of the track is done to the tune of Howlin’ Wolf’s ‘Smokestack Lightnin’’, with Stuart singing the first verse from that song. The second verse sung is from David Bowie’s Jean Genie