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Casbah Club:
Casbah Club (EP) (2005) 5:08
Casbah Club:
Venustraphobia (2006) 5:02
Casbah Club: The Who Convention (DVD) (2006) 6:09 2006-04-01
Lyrics & Music: Simon Townshend
At first, my inspiration for the Sex Change lyric was simply to shock my way into the charts but I soon realised that there was a deeper, more meaningful story to be elaborated on here…. A man, though physically stronger than a woman, is often at her mercy. Women have a power that goes beyond strength. The lines, “Heavens weapon, Gods explosion” and “My body is a gun” sum it up. Being a man, I often wonder what it would be like to possess that power, that sexual prowess that a woman is gifted with and that I can only be a servant to. ---Simon Townshend (From